Watch Andrew Little tear Paula Bennett to shreds in parliament

In just a few minutes on the house floor in the general debate, Labour leader Andrew Little tackled what has been a humiliating week for the government regarding human rights – then he shifted his aim to social development minister Paula Bennett. The blast has been heralded as one of his more energetic performances after a headline-grabbing day at the Labour conference where he delivered a speech which was described by Audrey Young of the New Zealand Herald as the best speech by any Labour leader in years.


38 thoughts on “Watch Andrew Little tear Paula Bennett to shreds in parliament

  1. Wow .. Mr Labour minister, this was like watching a perfectly played out show of shortland st .. what you said is true actually .. Paula Bennett should be ashamed of herself regarding the cancer patients plight with WINZ, that is pure bullshit, cancer patients (or any other life debilitating circumstance) shouldn’t be put through what winz put’s them through, it is shameful!!!! .. John Key should be ashamed of himself for the LACK of cancer medical care and other life threatening care, we lag behind like a third world country, which is contrary to what you all say .. but lets face it, we are at least 10yrs behind the front line treatments .. our kiwi’s are dying, unnecessarily way too soon!!!!! that’s a true statement and you know it!!!!! … MR LABOUR MINISTER .. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO TO MAKE CHANGES AND BRIDGE THE GAB AGAIN FOR MIDDLE CLASS KIWI’S .. National has widened that gap, they have done nothing for the average kiwi …WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO .. YOU HAVE TO BE STRONG AND HELP US .. your not even going to read this .. just like Mr John Key never read my letter to him regarding late stage breast cancer medicines, I was totally fobbed off .. just like you will fob me/us off .. you are still too big in your boots to do anything about that either!!!! None of you stand for the Kiwi’s really. Your all just after your own bank savings .. so sad for us ordinary average kiwi’s, which is the majority of us. Wish we had some one fighting for us who is legi!!t .. But we don’t .. not really. All of you cabinet people are on good wages with good benefits .. if any of you or your families got cancer or some life threatening disease you’d be able to finance yourselves or your loved ones with insurance or some sort of savings to save yourselves. We wont be seeing you on the give a little page!!! You have no idea what it’s like to be a second class citizen of NZ, maybe you do but you’ve forgotten!!!!. And that’s the truth!!!! Is there some one in Government that actually gives a damn about the people of NZ????? Hmmm .. I’m not thinking there is!!!!!

  2. Please let us see the response as well to help cut down on the bias of the post. No problems if you agree with Little (I do too), but we do need at least a link to the response so that we can continue to make up our own minds.

    “We do not want a media that actively lies or report only a small portion of what is actually true and something must be done to bring back a standard of decency to political journalism in this country.” – Liam Bateman

  3. This whole government system stink. Cancer patients shouldn’t be running around to prove further of their situation, but acknowledge the medical papers given. Paula, you’re so sick..wonder if you would do the same to your family. Who the hell put patients like this on a jobseeker anyway..(heartless cow).

  4. Good on you Andrew Little for standing up for us New Zealanders and for doing what is right. That’s a virtue that is truly need to be exercise for people in Power never mind about your stupid politics but just do what is right for the whole of New Zealand.

  5. John Key is feeling inferior to his OZ counterpart. He does not have the guts to stand up to the bigger boy ( in his mind ), to defend NZrs. John Key is a coward and acts like a clown when he comes short. He hopes people will like his clowning personality and give him a break!

  6. Nice one Mr Little …some things don’t go into the News papers like Social Services asking a Pensioner to get out of a HNZ house after she has cleaned up the front lawn from a muddy dirt track left by past tenants into a lovely lawn with shrubs and mini Decorative pines to stop cars being driven on the lawn. Cut down a 60ft Pine tree at her own expense which was lifting one corner of the house and causing mould in the bedroom it blocked sunlight from. Who has always kept her rent up to date…who the HNZ Tenancy Manager’s over the years have been well pleased with, the way she has kept the house clean and tidy. Now living alone in the house (3 bedroom house) Social Services want her out. Which is understandable they say for a more needier bigger family. But I say to be sold like all the other houses in my Street. I would move out for a needy family….if i could afford to find another house and move.

  7. i think well done for getting at paula bennett she used the benefit to come up ranks and live a good life then took all the benefits and things she used away so that other young mothers or families couldnt do the same now that shes a minister her self well bye bye morals

  8. Correction: Paula Bennett is not any longer Minister of Social Development. She is Housing Minister now and deserves any boo locking in both roles.

  9. Great to see. Just what labour voters have been waiting for. A party leader with some nuts. I can certainly put my hand on my heart and say many of the working class can’t be bothered going to the polls in voting year. When Phil Goff was the party leader I labelled him as gutless ( not a personal attack by any means ) Keep going Andrew and you may just get back the 38% of labour voters who just can’t be bothered voting because we have no leader to trust in. 🎲

  10. It’s about time someone is being ruthless in Parliament about our cause here in Australia for the Kiwis.
    Its not only about the ones in the detention centers…but when most of the kiwis cannot get any social benefits to provide for their families or themselves through the loss of their jobs…couples split up….the financial devastation that the extended families to finance the single parent and children.

  11. Well done Little, i think Bennett was stuck for words the dumb bitch. My sister died from cancer in june 2015 and she was told to prove that she couldn’t work.

  12. Paula is using WINZ money to support the women who take their children away from their fathers and use them as cash cows. These policies were set up by uncle Helens labour party. Paula who is one of Helens friends got very wealthy off those policies and honest hard working kiwis are still paying for it. There is no money left after these child using man haters take their lot. Its about time the children were allowed to be looked after by their fathers and the money went to the genuinely sick and needy.

  13. Go get em Andrew, one of the rich list is key the Coward, key follows france to declare war on isis, but has no guts to take up arms himself, but puts NZers at rick of being blown up right hear in Aotearoa and eals wer in the world, that Coward should send his pretty boy son to war, rather then send others to fight for that foolish man j.k. to me he runs the country as those he’s at war with us, attacking NZers on xmas island but, cancer patiences at winz and housing but to name a few, that man and his crownees must go.!

  14. Paula Bennett is a disgrace to the female race…”NICE ONE MR LITTLE” at least you have the balls to tell it like it is.

  15. Keep it up little we been waiting along time we getting sick of planet key an Paula shame on u didn’t no that is happening to our cancer family

  16. Enjoyed the speech however it is poor on behalf of this website to not publish, or provide a link to, the response from the other minister. It helps to paint a one-sided, biased view on the issue and prevents people from making an informed conclusion on their views regarding the subject.

  17. Why has it taken so long for Little to find his voice, stand up and speak out. Why has it Mr Little? I voted for Labour in both by-election and general election, I was so disappointed in the lack of action labour was showing that I was considering changing my party vote at the next election. If you keep this up Mr Little, I will be voting your way at the next election.

  18. Everyone keeps forgetting , right wing , left wing ….its the same bird a vulture.
    They both kowtow the bankers.If you cannot see the bigger picture, then you must be the blind or stupor.

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