VIDEO: New Zealand’s unlikely anti-war voice, Ron Mark destroys National.

Forget the cliche hippie, student anti-war activists. New Zealand’s new breed of those criticizing the deployment of New Zealand troops into the Middle East are those who have been there, done that, and don’t want New Zealand to go down the same path again.

Watch as Ron Mark, NZ First MP and ex-Army Major slates National on sending troops to Iraq; “The people who have the loudest voices when it comes to deploying people into theaters of war are those who have never worn a uniform, and those who never want to. And very often you find they won’t let their sons or daughters go either. So button it, Mr. Goldsmith. Button it”.

Mr. Mark talks about the Iraq issue till 2.20: 



7 thoughts on “VIDEO: New Zealand’s unlikely anti-war voice, Ron Mark destroys National.

  1. That’s a misleading title. He’s talking about a contingency plan for a captured soldier which has nothing to do with the anti-war argument. Never in his speech does he suggest that he is against sending troops. He is stating the obvious which is that NZ government is not prepared for what might or might not happen in the grand scheme of things.

  2. Well look at the Rena there was’t a contingency plan for the oilspill let alone the removal of the wreck! What thinking makes a contingency plan going to be effective for the lads when they kneel before jihad John?… you won’t see them for the dust!

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