Aged 18-30? What is important to you?

Lynda McGregor

What is important to you?  It has been almost 20 years since I was 30.  Do you think that a single mother of two, rugby and ballet mum, living in the seaside suburb of Lyall Bay would be aware of the aspirations, passions and needs of the 18-30 age group?

Would I represent your views in council, lobby on your behalf to ensure you are heard?

To truly represent your views I need your feedback.  Whats important, what are your priorities and what could Wellington City and the Greater Regional Councils do to enhance your experience of living in this fine city.

Am I now the generation gap? My children, master 11 and little miss 9 think so.

me and the kids

If I close my eyes I can see my spiral perm, shoulder pads and knickerbockers.

The world has change, the city and the natural environment is changing.  Do you feel you are considered…

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