How can Labour win in 2017?

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A few weeks ago, One News released the latest Colmar Brunton Poll taken after the flag referendum. The results were in, National was at 50% and Labour had dropped 4% to 28% of voter support. This came as a bit of shock to Labour, and honestly shocked me a bit as well. Regardless of what you thought of the flag debate, public support wasn’t on John Key’s side for the flag referendum and it was expected in some way for National’s support to be hit by it. The exact opposite has occurred, and it calls for some serious questions about Labour’s opportunity to form a government in 2017 at the way they’re currently going.

At Young Labour conference a couple of week ago, Andrew Little himself said that something wasn’t working with Labour’s strategy, and in order to have a chance in 2017 they need to spend the next 18…

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One thought on “How can Labour win in 2017?

  1. The Polls don’t count for anything. No need to take it to heart which ever way they are going. I learned that when I was a member of the Labour Party Youth ,about forty years ago! Political polls are basically a political tool and no more reliable nowadays than they were back then.

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