GOP’s Attack on Planned Parenthood Disgusting and Misogynistic


Liam Bateman writes.

Amongst the rise of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump in the United States, I’ve become interested in some of the issues currently surrounding American politics. Insiders editor Bennett Morgan has already called out Donald Trump’s immigration policy as un-Christian as well as called out Ben Carson, a man who I used to admire for his surgical work, for believing Muslims should be barred from running for the presidency. But I recently felt the need to call out the GOP’s attack on Planned Parenthood, which recently entered a new stage when Congress voted through two laws. One banning the killing of children as a result of botched abortion and one to defund the health organisation.

The Republicans’ attack is based on pro-life position on abortion and claims of illicit practices by PP with the disposal of foetuses amongst other accusations. Video of these claims circulated on Fox News with some sources claiming the videos were completely fake. However, pro-life Americans have been calling for PP’s head. Sadly, as the Republicans control Congress, the bills were passed and it’s looking more likely it’ll suffer.

Robert Reich has a bit to say about the economics of Planned Parenthood:

I was appalled to hear about this. While I consider myself neutral on this issue, what the Republicans are proposing is extremism. Millions of American women are at risk of losing part of their healthcare as a result. Planned Parenthood’s other services including birth control and STI examination are under threat too as a result of this orchestrated assault. One of the main reasons I’m writing this is because a good friend of mine in Iowa is one of those who could be affected if this decision goes through. She wrote this in defence of the non-profit organisation:

“I am a user of Planned Parenthood. No, I do not use it for abortions. I use it because I am a low income college student who can’t afford birth control to normalize my periods. Without Planned Parenthood, I would be constantly worrying about my health and keep asking the question ‘why haven’t I had my period in three months?’. Planned Parenthood isn’t about the abortions. Its about the fact that low income people like me can get the help they deserve and rather than paying $100+ for care somewhere else. Believe me I know… i looked”

You can’t play politics with people’s healthcare. It’s sick, it’s wrong, it’s extreme. My friend does not deserve to suffer like this. This only fuels my hatred of the Republicans. They were once a noble party, who would send in elements of the military to help Afro-Americans being terrorised by a racist country. Now, they’ve transformed into a group of far-right bigoted social conservatives who would destroy the country if they got anywhere near the White House. I pray for the day the GOP comes crashing down and burning. American politics is becoming even more poisonous and it won’t improve until these extremists are thrown out of Congress and Senate with a loud message from the American electorate: “Fascism is not welcome in America!”


One thought on “GOP’s Attack on Planned Parenthood Disgusting and Misogynistic

  1. ” fascism is not welcome in America”. Surely you jest? 9/11 = Reichstag Fire , Patriot Act = Empowering Act, Witch hunt for Jews = Witch hunt for Muslims. Militarism, police state, government by corporations for corporations, suspension of civil liberties, news dominated by propaganda…. How many boxes do you want me to check? Barry Kirk

    Barry Kirkwood PhD ZL1DD, XU7AEL Thailand: 081 235 1556 Elsewhere: 66 81235 1556

    Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable…. George Orwell

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