Survey shows strong support for Taranaki Jetstar flights

New Plymouth District Council CEO Barbara McKerrow and Mayor Andrew Judd celebrating the launch of Jetstar services in Taranaki. Source: Jetstar NZ

Figures from Michael Riley’s New Plymouth Airport airline survey have been published. The survey was conducted on the 6th September and included 602 residents of Taranaki.

The results show that 69.27% of Taranaki’s frequent flyers admitted it was very likely they would fly Jetstar out of New Plymouth or into New Plymouth in 2016. This followed by 28.58% saying it was likely.

When asked which other airports Jetstar should accommodate from New Plymouth, Wellington, Christchurch, Queenstown and Dunedin were local hotspots. With the majority (66.11%) supporting Jetstar flights direct to the capital, and the South Island.

When asked which international services Jetstar should open up for direct flights from New Plymouth, Australia’s Gold Coast was a clear winner with 66.87% showing support for the new route. 55.98% supported direct flights to Melbourne.

When asked to compare Air New Zealand to Jetstar, 88.63% of respondents said Jetstar beat Air New Zealand on regional and international flight pricing within New Zealand.

A majority, more than 85% admitted Jetstar aircraft’s were of higher quality, and that the aircraft’s were more comfortable than Air New Zealand.

42.03% believed Jetstar were more compassionate and friendly than Air New Zealand, while 52.95% admitted the two airlines were neutral.

When asked whether or not Jetstar should open a New Plymouth regional Qantas lounge, 55.15% said the airline should in the future. Around 40% did not know, or did not care. Around 9% said no.

These results are a massive boost for the new airline, which is taking the Taranaki skies by storm in February of next year.

Taranaki community advocate Michael Riley says the survey gives a lot of confidence for Jetstar in the region.

“This shows that ultimately Jetstar can be pretty confident that their services are going to be a hit in and out of New Plymouth Airport,” Riley said.

The airline’s online booking system shows a number of the low cost carrier’s flights have already been completely sold out.

Source: Michael Riley – New Plymouth
Margin of error +/- 4%


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