Air NZ gave Jetstar free pass into Taranaki market, says Jetstar advocate

New Plymouth Jetstar advocate Michael Riley

This week Jetstar New Zealand broke the news of their four new regional destinations and as rumoured among many, Taranaki’s New Plymouth Airport made the list.

Shock and excitement were the only way Taranaki Jetstar advocate Michael Riley, 17 could describe the news as.

“I’m completely ecstatic and shocked even though we all kind of knew. I’m super excited. You know our region has been waiting for a transport boost like this. Competition was so deeply required here in Taranaki.”

Riley laughed that the response throughout the campaign has been like “Taranaki has some creepy obsession with Jetstar”.

“14,000 people from all over the world have supported new carrier Jetstar coming to our airport, and that’s something to be immensely proud of.” Riley said.

Jetstar announcing the news with $9 airfares across all of their new destinations ultimately lead to their website crashing with most tickets sold out by Monday afternoon.

Jetstar then introduced sale $25 airfares. The airline has confirmed their normal flight price in and out of New Plymouth is set at $45.

Air New Zealand recently lowered their flight pricing from $79 to $59 after speculation begun about Jetstar’s possible voyage to Taranaki.

Riley accused Air New Zealand of giving Jetstar are free pass into the market, and when asked if Jetstar was trying to get back at the national carrier, he disagreed.

“Jetstar has always been about lower airfares for everyone and Air New Zealand was always going to have this typical response which can be expected from any competitor airline that is making far more than they should.”

“Our national carrier knew this day would come if they kept pushing their prices up. I mean, a few hundred for a flight to Auckland is horrendous. Jetstar saw an opportunity to provide cheaper airfares because our carrier ultimately gave them a free pass into the market.”

“Perhaps if Air New Zealand stuck to providing a good kiwi service at a reasonable rate, we wouldn’t even be here. They’ve only got themselves to blame.” Riley said.

Jetstar has confirmed they will begin 27 flights in and out of New Plymouth Airport to Auckland weekly, starting 2 February 2016. More destinations for Taranaki travellers are on the outlook.

Have you bought any of Jetstar’s flights yet? What’s your thoughts on Jetstar entering the regional New Zealand market? Comment below.

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2 thoughts on “Air NZ gave Jetstar free pass into Taranaki market, says Jetstar advocate

  1. It’s about time someone gave ANZ a whack across their nose. The price of $305 for a 30 minute flight is ridiculous and even worse when a fellow passenger has a bag big enough to fit their house in and wants to stash it at your feet. I wish Jetstar success in their venture and hope they use a business head to stay in the game with the big boys.

  2. my daughter got online and bought the $9 seat from New Plymouth to Auckland in June And also bought a $9 ticket back to New Plymouth .she loved the cheap fares and said she would have payed the$25 if she had missed out on the $9 seats

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