TV3’s Story exceeds expectations – opinion

Written by Michael Riley

TV3 are back with prime time investigative journalism, 7pm show Story hit the ground running Monday.

Former TVNZ political reporter Heather du Plessis-Allan and NZ famous Radio LIVE host Duncan Garner really put on a show that John Campbell will be proud of.

You just know that when you’ve got corrupt real estate agents resigning and Corrections’ National Commissioner Jeremy Lightfoot choking on words within twenty minutes of the first episode that we’ve got quality journalism back on prime time.

Don’t take my word for it though – make sure you tune in tomorrow from 7pm on TV3. Give it a chance.

TV ONE’s Seven Sharp is nothing compared to TV3’s Story and I can prove it. Here’s what Seven Sharp was “reporting” when Story was asking the hard questions.

Mike Hosking’s opening scene: “What’s really exciting about the release of the final 40 is in there is our new flag. It is in there. I have broken it down to the final five. There is so many good examples here.”

No Mike Hosking. We’re not going to change our flag. New Zealand does not want a flag change, and it seems neither does Story presenters Duncan or Heather.

Here’s what Duncan had to say about the 40 flags: “Yuck. I hate them all.” Solid. To the point – and bloody marvellous, as John Campbell says.

Social media was a buzz minutes after new show Story finished. Margaret Childs told Duncan Garner on Facebook that while she missed Campbell Live, she will definitely be watching Story again.

Lindy Palmer said the show was great. “Great really. Enjoyed. Nothing false about you two, down to earth and says it how it is. The facts.”

James Burke said it ‘surpassed expectations magnificently’, and it truly did.

TV3 “boycotters” have been out on Facebook tonight stating that they wouldn’t watch the show, however, many comments I saw from boycotters said they enjoyed the show and they’d be back for more.

Those that did fail to watch and are complaining, please do your reputation a favour and give it a go. Story is way better than Seven Sharp by a mile. Five minutes in and real estate agents are resigning and government agencies investigating poor security of home detention bracelets.

That is bloody good investigative journalism. I am happy that I’ll be able to listen to John Campbell on Radio NZ, and now watch Story on TV3. Current affairs is good for this country and I’ll be supporting it all the way.

We need to stop restricting ourselves to one quality journalist and start opening our eyes to others out there. In this time, with corrupt politicians , and corrupt business people all around us, we’ve never needed quality journalism and current affairs more.

Tune into Story on TV3 weeknightsat 7pm and let me know your thoughts. Tweet them to @MichaelRileyNZ or on Facebook


One thought on “TV3’s Story exceeds expectations – opinion

  1. “Story is way better than Seven Sharp” Well that wouldn’t exactly be difficult, would it? And the point about Campbell’s dumping has nothing to do with the quality of his show v the new one, but everything to do with the politics behind why he was dumped.

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