Investigation into KFC New Plymouth health concerns underway

KFC have launched an investigation as its New Plymouth store come’s under fire after a customer’s social media complaint about health and safety issues ended in disarray with KFC staff ‘making fun’ of the complaint in an act which is being described as ‘concerning’ by headquarters.

Tuesday night New Plymouth resident Kayla de Luen entered the KFC New Plymouth store for dinner with her mother. Major health concerns had her shocked so she posted a complaint on social media site Facebook that she would never return to the Taranaki store in the future after ‘disgusting’ service on Tuesday night.

Following the posting on Facebook, hundreds of New Plymouth residents bombarded the post, mostly in support of the complaint, receiving over 500 likes. However, her post turned to disarray when KFC staff and their friends bombarded the post, de Luen claims.

Screenshots of the post obtained by Insiders NZ show multiple KFC New Plymouth staff being tagged into the debate by friends, then ‘making a joke of the complaint’, by commenting that they’re the best in the country. These comments have since been deleted.

KFC New Zealand has confirmed an investigation is underway describing the incident as ‘concerning’. “We are collecting all needed information for now,” they said.

Taranaki advocate Michael Riley joined into the debate stating KFC New Plymouth staff were being completely unacceptable by interfering with the complaint process.

“KFC need to pull their New Plymouth staff into line. A customer has complained, and New Plymouth staff and their friends have bombarded the post, mocking it,” he commented.

“It’s completely unacceptable and pushes this issue way further than required.”

“You have management for a reason; to deal with these complaints. These staff dug their hole further, and just proved that New Plymouth KFC does have a real issue,” Riley said.

Riley did however say that KFC headquarters were doing all they could to resolve the issue, which was ‘enflamed’ on social media by the staff of the store.

“Had the staff not involved themselves in unsavory behaviour the post wouldn’t have gone as viral as it did. The moment they commented, it then goes on their newsfeeds to their friends that they commented, and it gains momentum.”

Disgruntled KFC customer Kayla de Luen also received messages of hate mail and name calling, She says it’s gone too far and she ‘can’t let it go’.

“I didn’t want drama. I just wanted KFC to know what happened to resolve it. You guys do not have to harass me now, real good look guys. Customer makes complaint and worker cyberbullies her,” she commented.

“I was appalled to see the health issues around us, sticky counters, fries on the floor and on counters, and the toilets were not clean with skid marks.” She originally wrote.

“The sinks [in the restroom] I used had food in them, and what looked like vomit,”

De Luen said the way staff treated her was unprofessional and offensive.

“I find it very offensive and unprofessional that the staff have reacted [by online abuse and cyberbullying], treating us with disrespect on social media.”

“I feel bullied and ganged up on [by the staff and their friends]” she said.

B. Morgan


15 thoughts on “Investigation into KFC New Plymouth health concerns underway

  1. Have you seen how some of them act and work behind the counter? Its as if, they’re at home and don’t give a stuff AND they don’t even provide a clean and safe eating environment for other patrons! That’s why we don’t eat there!

  2. Kayla De luen is a drama queen…. And buy and sell will jump on anything it can. They were just classified as the best kfc in New Zealand…. One of my mates works there. And apart from the slow service and odd human mistakes ( that happen everywhere) I’d say that it’s a fine takeaways. Highly preferred over the new Plymouth mc donalds or bk

  3. I am disgusted with the behaviour of staff in NP KFC. Cat fighting, yelling at each other. Demeaning behaviour by staff members to other staff. You don’t even know who is in charge. The food has been substandard quality. My order from time to time has been inadequate. On a number of occasions items I ordered was never in my Takeaway bag. And staff can be quite rude. Also it’s always dirty in there. Tables are never wiped, toilets never cleaned properly. Floor always grime. Dissappointing result for a new building. Staff need to be trained in customer service and hygiene.

    • Agreed. The shift/duty managers are sometimes worse than the crew members! The ONLY manager i have found to have ANY professionalism about her is the young blonde lady who wears her hair in a bun, and always takes great pride in her appearance.

  4. Almost every time I come back from perth and visit New Plymouth KFC it has been a bit icky, Mc Donald’s seem to have a cleaner most of time it’s open. Can only assume KFC cutting cost or gotten slack.

  5. just saying, im in canada and the food over here has like steroids and other drugs in it to grow it so they shouldnt be complaining. and trust me, kfc in New Zealand is SOOOO much better than this side of the world.

  6. Wasn’t their most recent fire caused by a build up of fat which resulted in an electrical short on the grease?

  7. Kayla what were you expecting taking a complaint to social media? Especially to facebook? You are also in the wrong if you only wanted kfc to know what happened its as easy as speaking to management or headquarters.. im not saying that what the workers and their friends are right of course not but its a 2 way thing yes ur a customer but what do u expect complaing on facebook about a takeaway resturant in a small town??

    • I have to sent a couple of complaints through to kfc headoffice, but have never heard back from them. Atleast kayla is getting a response and knows that something is being done about it.

  8. good on you for standing up to them i have recently become disgruntled with the quality of the food ie undercooked and dont buy the bucket cos you probably will only get 1 decent piece the rest will be wings, if you go through the drive through 6 out of 10 times something will be missing come on KFC sort it out you used to be one of my favourites 😦

  9. “Riley did however say that KFC headquarters were doing all they could to resolve the issue”.
    KFC need to sack them all and give the whole place a good scrub down with Janola. In my opinion there has been a quality of product and quality of staff issue there for years. I myself have returned chicken to NP KFC, plus when taking my family there, had to clean the table off myself and the highchair was covered in gravy. Also, some of their staff look like they could do with a bloody good scrub in Janola too, some look like they have just crawled out of bed. Also, they had a fire on the premises recently, customers where telling staff that their chicken tasted burnt but they were not heeded. [Now bring it on KFC staff. cause everything I have written here is true]

    • Very true. My husband and i were eating in one evening, and he took our chicken back saying it was burnt, overcooked as such. He returned to the table with the same chicken, naturally i asked what happened, he was astounded and said they just laughed and made a joke about it, and offered no replacement. They sure as hell didnt laugh when i went up there and spoke my mind. When i returned the next day to see the store manager i found out that one of the ladies that laughed was infact a supervisor! Leading by example? I think not.

  10. I had lunch there Wednesday while at the counter a male come from the back walked up to the counter pushed a button on tthe till and took out a print out with 1 hand while with the other rolling a fag with the other .i could clearly see the to 2 fillers and tobacco which he held between his fingers yes I was a bit stunned I’m a non smoker but a food prep area thought KFC would some rules like no smoking out the back yuk G yes he’d beard as well and no mask on

  11. I was at the KFC with my husband on Monday the 28 . 9 . 15 time Was 6pm . I was shocked at the way the staff were . Lots of talking . One staff member put chips in the warmer then put her hand is side the warmer warming up her hands . None of them even came to ask for our order . Bye that time there was another customer that walked in that was at least 10 min had gone . And still a hole lot of talking not worrying about there customer . Then my husband said can we have service please , well they just looked at us and laughed at our face . When we finally got service . My Husband told them where they can stick it . And we left with out ordering . I love KFC I was going to order the XL bucket . Bloody disappointed …..

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