Beyond 31%: Andrew Little needs policy for traction

Liam Bateman writes.

The latest polling released brought some good news for the left this previous week. Colmar Brunton had Labour still on 31% but had a small increase for the Greens at National’s expense. A coalition of the three parties would have the strength National would have on their 48%. Reid Research had better news with National plummeting to 46% and trailing by a couple points to a potential coalition. It’s the first time National has lost support in a post budget poll.

However, there is an issue being shown in polling. While it’s good that Andrew Little has managed to build a good support base for Labour, but they need to gain traction in order to ensure a change in government in 2017. And the way to do that is new policy.

Labour has not unveiled any new policy since the Future of Work commission. The budget has shown National is losing its magic touch but Labour needs strong alternative policy to boost approval and take back voters lost to Don Brash and John Key over the past 13 years. But at the same time, Labour cannot saturate the media with new policy every day. All policy needs to flow steadily, it cannot be like a tidal wave nor like a blocked drain.

If Andrew wants to look like a potential Prime Minister in strength of political support, new policy must come soon. He has the character and personality to be one as I experienced first hand when I met the man himself months ago, but he must prove himself beyond 31% for Labour.

Andrew Little’s latest interview on The Hits. 


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