What killed Campbell Live?

“Why did Campbell Live actually stop going to air?”; a question worth asking when we think of all the good stuff John Campbell and his team did for New Zealand.

Well let’s think about those of which that didn’t really like Campbell Live and were in the current government.

Simon Bridges is an easy MP to point out because recent interview with Mr Campbell didn’t go so well, hardly anyone mentioned the time John Key came on air.

If we recall back to what Mediaworks said was the “reason” to cut Campbell Live, we find it was noted for ‘too many stories’ of Christchurch and the Pike River boys, and it was attracting the “wrong audience” and in other words, made the prime minister look bad.

For weeks I actually forgot about Campbell Live’s interview with John Key, but then I stumbled across an old video which was their interview. It shocked me.

Here’s what prime minister John Key had to say while in the interview with Campbell Live regarding Kim Dotcom:

“You’ve done so many stories, which are absolute nonsense and you know they are,” Key said.

“Feel free to sue us, go to the BSA, make a formal complaint, have you ever made a formal complaint?” Campbell responded.

Prime Minister Key’s comment about the program being practically content-less, and in Key’s words “absolute nonsense” almost proves that John Key had a part to play in ensuring Campbell Live finished up.

John Key got his own way, and Campbell Live is gone.

But be careful what you wish for John Key, your friends in suits over at Mediaworks head office are in big trouble. Their ratings have been decreasing all week, and their Friday ratings have never been so bad.

Friday Campbell Live reached a whopping 484,850 viewers. Rival Seven Sharp, which is almost always beating the TV3 giant John Campbell crashed to just 411,000 for the night.

This Monday, TV3’s controversial 7.30pm replacement Road Cops begun which reached 212,000 viewers. TV One’s Seven Sharp was back up from last week’s 400,000 to 600,000. A clear sign that TV3 viewers were switching to TVNZ.

On Tuesday, Road Cops took another minor hit down to 211,000 with 3News drooping at the seams with 205,000 viewers compared to TV One’s ONE News which hiked to nearly 800,000 viewers.

On Wednesday, when Mediaworks head executives said Road Cops viewership would increase they got it wrong – the network’s time slot reaching a miserable 140,000 viewers while Seven Sharp hit over 500,000.

Prime News, operated by Mediaworks stayed steady throughout the week with around 150,000 viewers.

However, it seems more people enjoy the likes of Road Cops and Prime News then early morning Paul Henry which acquired under 60,000 viewers on Wednesday morning. Ouch!

An anonymous TV watchdog tells Insiders NZ exclusively Mediaworks will be “having troubles finding adequate advertising for their shows which results in a major hit in revenue,”

“What company wants to pay the same amount for an advertisement between 6pm and 7pm when businesses can reach more than triple the amount of viewers on TV ONE,”

“Ultimately Mediaworks will be feeling the pain right now. I expect the company will be losing hundreds of thousands in the coming weeks,” he said.

“We’re talking about thousands of very loyal TV3 fans who are not switching to the channel on any terms. Not for Paul Henry, not for Road Cops and not even for 3News. It’s a TV disaster.”

He tells Insiders NZ that the boycott on TV3 could be more lethal if those viewers had decided to change to the TVNZ network.

“The boycott on TV3 would have a more lethal effect if those viewers switched to TVNZ completely as many are turning their TV’s off, which ultimately has no effect on ratings, and would probably be putting smiles on the faces of Mediaworks executives,” he said.

“Despite this, we are definiately witnessing history in the making. These are loyal TV3 fans which had stayed with Campbell Live and the network for over ten years, now turning their TV’s off, or switching to TVNZ.”

Insiders New Zealand can confirm Maori Television viewership has risen slightly since Campbell Live finished.


Michael Riley and Bennett Morgan. 


2 thoughts on “What killed Campbell Live?

  1. Great concise article, useful to see the relative ratings, and gather that even within a manipulated closed ratings system, MediaWorks media property TV3 is being ‘strategically sabotaged’, as Thorstein Veblen might say. Load up the conglomerate with debt, gut it and force a cheaper sale to key insiders after duping dumber groups of investors, has been the modus operandi for media mergers and takeovers since the 1980s. Why? Because the process disciplines media outlets to seek more entertainment fluff, lighter context-less news and sport, that together attracts higher advertising revenues, as mass populaces have been relentlessly conditioned to be more frivilous, demoralised and veged out.

    The 600 homes for a population of 4,365,737 is a tad unrepresentative. [See Nielsen Television Audience Measurement ar: http://www.agbnielsen.co.nz/tamoverview.aspx%5D Would love to know the demographics, whether they are homeowners, renters, what neighbourhoods, the property values, their annual incomes and assets and debts. You know, stuff that would shed light on how representative or not the ‘people meters’ ratings are.

    Because, otherwise it’s a bit like being expected to believe that Santa’s Empire is benign after you find out Mr Claus exploits his elves in various sweat-shops, uses the same tax haven juridictions that the big four accounting firms have a presence in and promotes ‘his’ wares with the ‘same ol, same ol’ six major anti-competitive media cartel corporations that dominant the world. Once you have that information, it’s hard to accept that data from private companies and public departments is delivered free of vested interests.

    For an idea that challenges the mainstream media model duplicated the world-over, see:
    The $4 Million Newsroom: Crowd-funding a new newsroom model that has ‘The Shit’ at: http://snoopman.net.nz/2015/05/28/the-4-million-newsroom-putting-your-money-where-your-eyes-gaze-crowdfunding-a-new-newsroom-model-that-has-the-shit/

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