TV3 viewership slashed to new low following dismissal of Campbell Live

Mediaworks have undoubtedly made their worst decision to date with viewers unleashing a sizable boycott following the final episode of Campbell Live.

The program, fronted by broadcasting icon John Campbell, shot its final, tearful broadcast on Friday night. It was the program’s most successful ever broadcast, reaching 484,000 viewers and an additional 48,000 on TV3’s timeshift channel TV3+1.

Meanwhile, TVNZ’s primetime entertainment show Seven Sharp recorded 411,000 viewers, and less than 10,000 on TV ONE+1.

Overall, in what had been a hugely successful week ratings wise for Campbell Live, TV3 recorded a pleasing 14% share of all viewers, edging out TV2.

Saturday night brought no such glory for Mediaworks, and its viewership was slashed almost completely in half to 7.4% as the promised boycott took place.

3 News took the biggest hit, falling from 256,000 the night before to 185,000 on Saturday evening.

Overall TV3 fell behind both TV ONE, TV2 and even Sky Sports 1.


Most watched on TV ONE

  1. One News: 685,730 (6:00pm – 7:00pm)
  2. Seven Sharp: 411,580 (7:00pm – 7:30pm)
  3. Location Location Location: 365,650 (7:30pm – 8:35pm)
  4. Millionaire Hot Seat: 360,520 (5:30pm – 6:00pm)
  5. Coronation Street: 215,610 (8:35pm – 9:30pm)

Most watched on TV2

  1. Shortland Street: 304,220 (7:00pm – 7:30pm)
  2. Home and Away: 211,470 (5:30pm – 6:00pm)
  3. Mom: 183,550 (7:30pm – 8:00pm)
  4. Money Train: 166,390 (8:30pm – 10:45pm)
  5. The Big Bang Theory: 166,280 (8:00pm – 8:30pm)

Most watched on TV3

  1. Campbell Live: 484,850 (7:00pm – 7:35pm)
  2. The Graham Norton Show: 309,930 (8:30pm – 9:30pm)
  3. 3 News: 271,780 (6:00pm – 7:00pm)
  4. Lip Sync Battle: 245,490 (7:35pm – 8:30pm)
  5. Live at the Apollo: 169,780 (9:30pm – 10:30pm)


Most watched on TV ONE

  1. One News: 668,870 (6:00pm – 7:00pm)
  2. Hyundai Country Calendar: 557,030 (7:00pm – 7:30pm)
  3. Frozen Planet: 284,360 (7:30pm – 8:35pm)
  4. Coronation Street: 224,810 (8:35pm – 9:35pm)
  5. The ITM Fishing Show: 188,030 (5:00pm – 6:00pm)

Most watched on TV2

  1. Around The World In 80 Days: 174,320 (7:00pm – 9:25pm)
  2. Poseidon: 143,170 (9:25pm – 11:25pm)
  3. Oh Sit: 114,040 (6:00pm – 7:00pm)
  4. My Wife and Kids: 104,580 (5:35pm – 6:00pm)
  5. The Time Machine: 88,380 (11:25pm – 1:10am)

Most watched on TV3

  1. 3 News: 185,180 (6:00pm – 7:00pm)
  2. Storage Hunters: 149,250 (7:00pm – 7:30pm)
  3. Highway Thru Hell: 132,780 (7:30pm – 8:30pm)
  4. Motive: 116,090 (8:30pm – 9:30pm)
  5. Special Victims Unit: 98,300 (9:30pm – 10:25pm)


56 thoughts on “TV3 viewership slashed to new low following dismissal of Campbell Live

  1. Nasty media works, nasty PM, get rid of having to answer some of the real questions by getting rid of the people that ask them.
    Sad day that will back fire on his haters.

  2. I am so hoping John Campbell, now that he is no longer part of the self-destructive TV3(and Mediaworks)runs for mayor of Auckland. He would be getting my vote by a mile.
    Mark Weldon and Julie Christie must suffer the outcome of their actions and be held accountable for what has happened.They failed abysmally to listen to viewers regarding Campbell Live and on their heads be it(their loss of a cushy job etc).
    John Key is reported as saying he wanted John Campbell out of TV3.And so the demise of Campbell Live reeks strongly of political manipulation and bullying by the PM.
    Yet the low ratings Paul Henry Show will probably not face the chop because it’s the only current affairs program Key gets his revolting Monday morning time on. Key needs Paul Henry just as much as he needs a hole in his head.
    I have stopped watching TV3 because of its actions regarding Campbell Live. Fortunately enough I don’t get TVNZ as I cannot stand Mike Hosking(like Henry he is another Key puppet).
    Weldon and Christie come across as poor judges of character. Remember they allowed into employment on the stupid X-Factor(yes a non-intelligent reality tv that Christie obviously adores)two judges who resorted to bullying on a contestant. Their poor judgment when it came to those two judges shows how shoddy they are.
    Lets hope they take responsibility for their actions but since they seem to be such pro-Key puppets they will probably do a Bill English and blame the previous Labour government for the loss of Campbell Live.

    • Weldon Christie and Jennings are like Lemmings, they have all jumped off the nearest Huka Falls,( Niagara is tooooo far away!. We have all seen instances of the prime minister and his bullying eg the infamous pony tail incident. Who the hell is Paul Henry anyway lol. Not only a puppet but a very unstrung one, Floppsy, Moppsy and Mo have a better chance of carching my attention. Long live the right to speak out and speak up!

      • No – the rest of New Zealand needs to have a share of John. Politics, national or local, is a nasty business and the Mayor of the country’s most populous region also cops it from Mr Key and his cronies.

  3. TV3 are going to suffer, Weldon and Christie should have listened but because they’ve got there noses firmly jammed up the butt of our un esteemed PM, I also can’t stand Paul Henry and Mike Hosking as they also suck up to JK, looks like i’ll watching my news elsewhere, oh dear how sad, they are/were both crap anyway

  4. Well I want to know if John Campbell will run for Prime Minister of NZ… I will and so will many others… vote for him :)… I havent found a place to watch my news yet but I get all the updates on fb anyway…. just a thought… JK has screwed us over… even his voters must be ashamed… Iv been thinking… would he change the name of this country too… maybe he’ll call it…. Keyland

  5. The Boycott wont last long, people will soon get over it and slowly start going back to watch their trashy t.v3 crap. Its a lose/lose situation, because the people are flocking to TVNZ in droves, which makes Steven Joyce look good, playing communist dictator with our media.

  6. It’s life changing…nothing to watch now Campbell Live has gone….will move me to explore blogs which are new to me..and other electronic media as I plan to boycott TV3. Interestingly my household has many generations gathered and none of them are watching TV3.Grandma will watch Judge Judy still.Is that TV3 because it should be.

    • Agreed Hilary….not much on TV now at all worth watching, CL was the only programme with any substance ( plus humour, plus love plus compassion plus, plus…) ….there’s too much froth and bubble on TV (‘Reality’ TV?!#!?) and too much of that like the liquid kind only makes you sick!

  7. Ka kiti ano TV3. You stuffed it, we will fix it, tata, huru, ttfe, hope your undies burn in the everlasting fires. I sure won’t pee on them to put them out. Karma is a bitch and boycott is her name. As to John Key, what goes around comes around. All your political maneuvering is worth diddly squat . Real NZers will always speak up. JC was the best of us and you cannot silence of nearly 500,000 voices.

  8. Sad day when polticial interferance in NZ is allowed to happen and that John Key and National should be very aware trying to buy voters for 2017 won’t work. We are now so much of a nanny state with them in charge

    • Unfortunately with voting every three years, the percentage who don’t bother to vote because they are disheartened by the nastiness of the party in power means that the rest of us are inflicted with the government we don’t want.

  9. I’ll be boycotting all their advertisers especially those in Campbell’s replacement programme. Though even the advertisers have been shafted here by the John Key government’s desperate attempt to silence the truth.

  10. Absolute attack on kiwi freedom of speech, John Key is a sook, puppet and Nazi. Time to wake up people because that knob in power is selling out NZ like a yank does to their people. Discussing.

  11. John Key interference/ dislike/ criticism/ censorship? Facts? Who said what, when and to whom? Are TV 3 that gutless they’ll be influenced by a PM heading up a government failing the Poly Sci 101 Smell Test. What was the pressure exerted? One thing for certain John Campbell had a programme, friends and splash in the pond when he left. Question, yup, is why?

  12. Won’t be watching TVNZ instead – never have (don’t like Hosking or Henry) – but I do watch a bit MaoriTV – and of course online news – no need now for a tv at all – they shot themselves in the foot big time..

  13. It was the only thing worth watching on TV3 anyway… Have used the parental block function on the sky remote. Maori TV needs to snap that boy up – they have the best current affairs, the best movies and the best documentaries.

  14. Please tell me where and when did John Key publicly say he wanted TV3 to get rid of John Campbell? It’s the idiots that run Media works that is the trouble. Henry should have gone before Campbell.

    • He didn’t say it officially and publicly of course, however he has been in my view credibly reported by the limo chauffeur driving him at the time, to have told Mark Weldon (MediaWorks CEO) “I want that left wing bastard gone”.

      • Oh Dear, All those claims about what the PM wanted based on the “reliable” report that a mate got from a freind of a friend who was an unnamed taxi driver or chauffer who is reported as claiming the PM said……… and you believe it! That is just the level of political reporting John Campbell disliked. You all cheered when he challenged the John Key. Did you all cheer when he challenged Helen Clark?

  15. Great Keep The Boycott going and also boycott the advertisers that advertise on TV3 from 6 pm to 8 pm (and let them know you are not going to buy their products)
    If you want any real news then RT and Al Jazeera if you dont have sky with them on then they on line on the Internet.
    Yes John Campbell would be a far better PM than the than the kissing Obama ‘s bum one we have now.

  16. In response to Edward’s comments (above) regarding boycotting TV3 not lasting. There was little I watched on TV3 apart from Firstline, now that they’ve done a “Paul Henry” read suicide attempt on it so now not watched, The 6.00pm news now shrunken, watching One News. Campbell Live, excellent but TV3 execs what were you thinking and Nightline and Graeme Norton. I never watch TVOne’s 6.00am news – too much inane inter-presenter prattle- see Paul Henry or Mike Hosking, more inane prattle. NOT INTERESTED IN THE PRESENTERS PERSONAL LIVES OR OPINIONS JUST WANT THE NEWS PLEASE FOR GOD’S SAKE !!!! Don’t watch reality shows or singing or cooking or home renovation shows on any channel. BORING !!! Big long term fan of RadioNZ National for quality news journalism and UKTV for first rate British drama, documentary, panel shows and Britcoms. TV3 I’m hearing death throes. You are well in the TV toilet.

  17. The words from John Key were ‘get rid of that bastard’ meaning John Campbell..and guess what..Mark Weldon and Julie Christie did just that, completely ignoring their nearly 500,000 veiwers..goes to show they and media works just don’t and never did care for their Key and his cronies have Mike Hoskings on one and stupid Paul Henry on three. Good luck to them..John Key, his colleague cronies, media works TV3 will probably think..all this hype will die down, but like the seat up North it will come back with this space..NZ’ers have wised up to all their lies, dirty deals and secrets..all will unfold..

  18. I honestly cannot believe how stupid some of the comments are. First of this has nothing to do with John Key at all.
    This has purely been a business decision from Mediaworks, whether its right or wrong its their decision to make, and no one can say that their actions are not justified.
    As much as I like John Campbell the viewers voted with their remotes over the last few month, just because the last show has huge ratings doesn’t eliminate the low ratings over the last 6 months. The problem is that people like watching crap on TV like Coronation Street and Storage hunters rather than informative journalism.

  19. Won’t be watching TV 3 ever again. Now just another moron channel set up for the totally gullible with a crick in the neck forcing ones head way over to the far right

  20. I feel gutted by this loss for NZ journalism. What a great show that was. Campbell live celebrated people, supported people and protested on their behalf when their options were minimal. I would love to see a TV station hire his team and resource it again. I will not be supporting TV3 and the current administration. Some of the people that made this stupid decision are not so used to failure but I suspect they have triumphed in it this time. Good bye TV3 you can take all your dumb reality shows and go after that child demographic. I will be watching other channels.

  21. I am boycotting and so is all my extended family. TV sucks anyway, the only thing we watched was Campbell and now that’s gone so are we.

  22. Amazing corporate hijack. Getting rid of the only person and his team who look after this national and hold our lying politicians accountable. My family and friends are longer tv3 watchers. media works you offer him a job to cohost with someone? WTH? What an insult!! GET LOST MEDIAWORX

  23. I will not be watching tv3 again .. im boycotting it it is a very controlling channel and instead of encouraging us it does things like this to repell us… Congradulations tv3 .. ITS A BIIIG FAT FAIL…. CAMPBELL LIVE WAS THE ONLY THING THAT made fv 3 live….

  24. TV3 don’t watch…Use to love 3News the Campbell…Now don’t watch shit…not even Paul Show…Now TV1 for me and 2 4 Maori, SkyTV…and the internet…Bye TY3 keep kissing JK ass…go the hole hog and lick his hole….

  25. tv3 was pretty much shit now tho they’ve made it worse by closing campbell live well no reason to watch tv nowadays back to seeing pointless shit online see ya

  26. Kia ora TV 3 I will never watch your station again you are all liars you announced that John Campbell was let go because his ratings were down and according to the above stats you lied just be honest John chooses not to be a sheep got rid of the only honest person on Television that talks about real things not make believe I’m glad your channel is being boycotted you deserve it all. YOU MUST HAVE KNOWN IT

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