The real story of Louis CK’s skit should have been his Israel-Palestine analogy

I saw nothing out of the ordinary in Saturday Night Live’s opening sketch starring Louis CK. It was fairly standard Louis CK stuff – there were jokes pushing the boundaries, but how was this not to be expected?

The Independent newspaper reported “The American comic pushed the boundaries of taste for a lot of his viewers” in jokes he made about a child molester who lived in his neighbourhood in the 70s, but all it could provide was a number of angry Tweets, each one numbering no more than three retweets.

Elsewhere on social media the feedback has been massively in favour of Louis:

A man identifying himself as Niall wrote on the Independent’s Facebook page:

The key word here is “joking” Also pushing comedic boundaries is what great comics such as Louis do. George Carlin would be spinning in his grave. God forbid any of these “fans” happen to catch part of a Frankie Boyle or Jim Jeffries special on TV, their bubble wrapped minds would explode.

Another said:

It’s comedy, witty and intelligent humour with good punchlines. Anyone who knows C.K. knows his style of jet black comedy and should avoid him if they find some of his darker material offensive. I thought it was a great monologue.
Others were straight to the point:

Unlike what the Independent wrote, those offended aren’t CK fans.

Earlier The Independent quite rightly reported on CK’s greatest moment of the skit, in which he made a fantastic Israel-Palestine analogy, which should have been the real story of the night:

So, here he is, in full-flight, before the sensationalised media beat-up. You can be the judge, but if you’re a regular viewer of CK, you’ll know this one is probably *less* ‘offensive’ than the rest of his work. Enjoy:


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