Support for current flag SURGES after first public meeting – poll

The number of panelists outnumbered the actual audience at the first public meeting on the New Zealand flag in Christchurch.

The flag referendum looks set to be the embarrassment of the century for pro-change Prime Minister John Key.

The first poll since the public meeting roadshow got underway in Christchurch has found support for retaining the current flag has taken an unprecedented jolt.

Whilst more scientific polls suggest support for keeping the flag sits at about 70-75%, a previous TV3 poll of more than 10,000 voters found a whopping 84% were opposed to change.

Tonight’s poll trumps all results. Nearly 9 in 10 New Zealanders are opposed to a flag change if tonight’s poll is correct, with a record 88% opposing change.

Campbell Live presenter John Campbell said the number of participants voicing their opinion in this poll was a record-breaker, with well over 10,000 casting their votes before 7.30.

The Return Service’s Association has been the most fierce critic, leading the charge against Prime Minister John Key’s referendum. One veteran on Anzac Day lambasted the PM, saying that “the Pony-tail puller” should keep his hands off the flag.

Fresh critics have included the Auckland City Mission, which told Campbell Live it could provide up to 20 million meals for struggling Aucklanders with the money John Key wishes to spend on the referendum . The Salvation Army has also attacked, saying the $26m should be spent on helping the homeless.

Inside the house of representatives the Greens have been left angry on the amount of money being spent on the flag compared to vulnerable children. New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has led the charge, encouraging New Zealanders to write “KEEP OUR FLAG” on the first referendum paper – a move he says that, if he done by the majority, will force the second referendum to be canned.

Labour leader Andrew Little, meanwhile, says the government’s referendum plans show a lack of vision for the country.



5 thoughts on “Support for current flag SURGES after first public meeting – poll

  1. $27M wasted on a John Key brain-fart. While all about important support services drag themselves to Wellington beg for ‘continued’ support etc etc.
    His used by date is expired.

  2. I would like to know who first proposed the flag change.
    I need to know if it was done by flippant idiocy or devious conniving .
    I think there is only these options .
    It is outrageous to watch Key tell the cameras that there is no money in the budget to further address the child poverty and to remember his beaming grin when talking about it costing $25 million on the flag debacle !

  3. $27 for something we dont want or need,our flag has served thus far,my dad was in the 28th Maori Battalion along with thousands of others kiwi’s they fought on behalf of our country and flag and someone like keys wants to take that all away, who does he think he is GOD’ him and his henchmen make me sick;; his time is over’ and his cronies

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