Bronwyn Bishop: The Worst Speaker In History

Liam Bateman writes.

There is no denying that the role of Speaker is important in any country. They bring order to chaos and aid the House in holding the government to account. There have been some great ones like Lockwood Smith here in New Zealand and two marvellous speakers in the House of Commons. Betty Boothroyd and the current speaker John Bercow who knows how to handle an unruly MP, as shown here when he shouted down former education secretary Michael Gove.

But sadly, some today have been less than satisfactory. David Carter for instance, whilst he’s not a terrible speaker, is nowhere near the quality of Lockwood Smith and I have questioned many judgments he has made. But mere days ago, I have encountered the worst speaker of any parliament in the West.

Her name is Bronwyn Bishop. She was elected speaker in 2013 following the election of the LNP coalition and after watching portions of Question Time in Australia’s Parliament, I am outraged. She’s extremely biased in performance, attacks the Labor opposition for no reason at all, misinterprets the standing orders and has order out Labor members over a hundred times in comparison to the coalition’s ten.

I’d list them all in more detail but I’d rather show you. Have a look at this:

Disgusting! Absolutely disgusting, I’m sure that all of you ask, “Please tell me they’ve been trying to do something about her?” Well yes. Sometime ago, Labor pushed for a no confidence vote in her. It sadly did not pass, but I was glad to see these people stick it to Bishop and hammer some home truths like so:

This kind of bias makes me sick. The title of the Australian National Anthem is Advance Australia Fair. I have never heard such irony in Australian politics. Australia will not be advancing fair with Tony Abbott in power or with Bronwyn Bishop in the speaker’s chair.


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