#PonyTailGate: It’s not about being “PC” – it’s about manners and respect

When I see adults; grown up, supposedly well functioning members of society defending a bullying action on social media I get mildly concerned. I sure as hell hope these ‘adults’ are not parents. I’m not a parent myself either, but in the event that I was, and I received a phone call from my child’s principal saying that my child had bullied a young girl by pulling at her hair, I think I’d actually be bloody annoyed.

But of course, children at a certain age are excused. They are young and do not yet have a grasp on the concept of manners and respect because their brains are so underdeveloped they fail to notice that other human beings have feelings in the same way that they do. You may hope our 53 year-old head of government had realised this by now.

I highly doubt when a parent hears their child has pulled another child’s hair, they start ranting about how the school is “too PC” and the victim of the hair-pulling “can’t take a joke”. No, hair-pulling in a primary school is completely unacceptable and is dealt with mutually by the parent and the school. I’m sorry to break it to the Key defenders, but there isn’t a different set of rules for adults. The values of respect and manners that we were taught as ignorant young kiddies still applies today.

I’m not one to call myself Politically Correct and find myself disillusioned with many PC arguments. But for goodness sake, surely being against tugging the hair of a stranger doesn’t make me PC? Go on, try it out, when you’re at work or school tomorrow, go ahead and tug the hair of the first person you see. When they retaliate (and if you’re lucky enough to not have already been delivered a smack to the chops) simply say; “Sorry mate, can’t you take a joke? You’re being too PC”. I bet you every time; it won’t fly.

And if this really is your sort of humour, can I just say, I really, really pity you. I’d question in fact question your mental age, because this is probably the sort of thing my Lego-biting relatives would find humours along with calling people “Big smelly butt”.

And then there comes the fact we often forget – ‘Holy shit, this guy is actually our Prime Minister, isn’t he supposed to be, like, Prime Ministerial or something?’


I see the argument everywhere on social media; “He [John Key] is only human”. Yeah, point taken, I didn’t forget that either. But have you forgotten what his job is? It’s to lead our government, and therefore our country. Yes, he’s human, but surely, as a Prime Minister, there should be a limit to how he can behave especially when in public. Otherwise John may have applied for the wrong job, because the job of Prime Minister is best reserved for a statesman – not a comedian.

If you want to be humoured; go and watch a comedy show. Or if our Prime Minister’s humour is more to your taste, might I suggest your local playcentre.

In the mean time, for those who defend these actions from our Prime Minister; familairise yourself with socially acceptable public behaviour and above all the common courtesy you should show to other people.

When someone says “No”, it means No. Surely you don’t have to be a ‘PC, wishy-washy, sugar-coating liberal sofite’ to appreciate that.

Bennett Morgan 


3 thoughts on “#PonyTailGate: It’s not about being “PC” – it’s about manners and respect

  1. Right on the button. I also see National supporters making light of this issue, even on Seven sharps web site, where Mike Hosking [shock horror] had negative things to say about John Keys behaviour. I suspect the National party damage limitation team has swung into action by getting their ‘minions’ to make comments on social media and media web sites.

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