Everybody knows about John’s ponytail problem – a selection of world headlines.

When Martyn Bradbury of The Daily Blog pressed ‘enter’ on his exclusive “The Prime Minister and the Waitress” this morning he may not have predicted where it would end up: all over the world.

In less than 24 hours it has become the world’s top trending topic, with the antics of our PM now top news on the British paper The Guardian.

So, without further banter, here is a just a taste of what the world is waking up to:

The Guardian newspaper, UK – most read story on The Guardian worldwide.

FOX News, USA – America’s top conservative network.

One of the world’s most respected broadcasters, the BBC: Currently the second most read story in the world.

Across the ditch – Sydney Morning Herald. Currently Australia’s leading story.

The news Canadians are waking up to:

ABC News, Australia.

UPDATED: 9.30pm-10.00pm

Daily Mail, UK


The Independent, UK.

The Telegraph, UK.


14 thoughts on “Everybody knows about John’s ponytail problem – a selection of world headlines.

  1. Its not just a “oncer” either. Facebook pages have photos of him pulling the ponytails of young girls – girls aged about 11 – 13 – and this is seriously creepy from a woman’s point of view : its the start of the downward slope to a 50-year old guy becoming a Rolf Harris type, to put it politely. This guy has an obvious hair fetish : and an inability to know how to behave responsibly.
    and he’s OUR PM ! ! absolutely YUK …..

  2. Key obviously thinks this sort of behaviour is acceptable for him.He is PM and HE CAN DO ANYTHING and get away with it. Key has a problem and no matter how delayed his apology is it is too late. He is a disgrace as PM(a representative of males and females)in NZ.Is this the sort of person we want as PM of NZ? Am I alone in saying it’s time he resigned?

    • All I can say is you deserve what you dish out,and if you pull a publicans pony-tail without their consent then it is called sexual harassment or, assault, or both, and once is bad enough but, six times and for him to be a representative (PM) for Aotearoa (New Zealand) then he shouldn’t be in power. This Country do not want to marked as a hair puller like a School bully, because that’s criminal, and criminals pay the price for their crime.

  3. The countrys leader,(posing as) an alpha male, flanked as usual by his DPS bodyguards, repeatedly invades a young womans personal space in public at her place of work,gutlessly uses his wifes presence to deflect blame to his continuing assaults and eventually thinks that giving his poor victim a couple of his personalised bottles of wine as some sort of compensation.
    Keys detachment from responsible maturity in continuing patterns of behaviour is representitive of a sociopath, detached from his duty of care and leadership as prime minister, but not so distant from his money trader nick name as the smiling assasin. My sympathy goes out to the young woman who eventually found her voice against such a withering abuse of power.As a father I recently councilled my daughter who was the victim of a young man transgressing her personal space and although she knew it to be an assault ,she being unworldly was not prepared for such an outrage and we discussed personal boundaries and her absolute right to defend her integrity and then accepting her own forgiveness for not being prepared for such things.
    Dont wast a referendom on keys vanity over the flag, lets see who puts their name for or against this vile behaviour from a prime minister.Politically Key is a traitor to NZ, Personally he is a disgrace as a man.

  4. this is not a normal thing the average jo would do there’s definitely a problem in his actions,i think he could do with a little help.It dosnt reflect very good on the country having a PM with a mental disorder(particularly concerning small girls)even if it is harmless witch i sincerely hope it is.I just hope no more cases come to the for,.

  5. A bit of ‘horsing around’ he says. ‘Jokey atmosphere’. Then told the media she said it was all ‘fine, no drama’, which she didn’t. Bit of Saville’s ghost lurking around there too, really. He was already our David Cameron and our George Bush. Now he’s our Berlesconi!

  6. The man??? obviously hasn’t been weaned proper. sexual deviancy is not a good look for a prime minister. especially our prime minister. perhaps some re-education is in order.

  7. Key Finds Locks Irresistible

    A kiwi prime minister called Key
    Tugged a waitress’s ponytail repeatedly
    He claimed it was just horseplay
    Not trichophilia or foreplay
    But it seems quite kinky to me.

    PS I’m the author of “The Fetish Collection”, an anthology of short stories featuring a range of paraphilias.

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