Drivers don’t deserve the criticism – advocate

It’s always interesting waking up to the Taranaki Daily News because you never know what is going to hit local news. In today’s local paper (9/04) I read with interest a article headline which stated ‘Buses put schedule before safety’ and I thought, ‘Surely they’re talking about Wellington buses or Auckland buses? This can’t be a local story.’ However, as I read on I was shocked to read that it was indeed a local story.

The story criticizes City Link New Plymouth bus drivers for failing to allow passengers to sit down before driving off and the man, 27, says they’re putting the bus schedules before public safety. I shook my head in total disagreement.

I have seen the man in question on city link buses before and he is always treated with an high level of kindness and respect as is all other patrons and do not agree with the allegations made against the drivers.

Yes bus drivers have schedules, but the article in the newspaper makes it sound like they’re awful people who don’t care about our local residents when they put a large amount of effort into making New Plymouth like no other.

You have to remember Taranaki, these drivers are doing their job because they love this place. They’re not doing it for the money because lets be frank, Tranzit aren’t paying these drivers enough! These people who drive thousands of our international visitors, national visitors and local residents around our district are the true promoters of our city and always leave patrons smiling on their exit.

Bus drivers in New Plymouth make positive connections with our city locals and when I see them around out getting groceries or walking Devon Street I always say hello. Even on the bus, you always see bus drivers starting positive conversations with bus users. You are welcomed onto the bus and you feel warm because of its friendly environment.

I don’t believe our bus drivers deserved the slack they got in the Taranaki Daily News article because they work damn hard to make our region a truly beautiful and kind place to live, work and play.

So this is for you Naki bus drivers out there who work hard for our district and don’t deserve this. You know where you stand drivers. Us bus patrons are 100% fully behind you.

Michael Riley 


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