Tory Budget a Dead Cat Bounce as Polls Show No Change

Liam Bateman writes.

Last week, controversial Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne delivered the 2015 budget to the House of Commons. It had a somewhat positive outlook including a reduced deficit, something that is much needed in Britain. Unfortunately for the Tory Party, the budget has done very little to boost their numbers in the polls following the release.
Since the budget was released, 12 polls from YouGov, Lord Ashcroft, Survation, Opinium and Populus were conducted. The results were mostly mixed once again as neither side continue to lack the support for a majority in the Commons. Of all the polls conducted since the Budget, three have had a Tory lead between 34-36% whereas five give Ed Miliband’s Labour 33-35% with a 4 point lead over Cameron in one Survation poll taken two days after the announcement. Four polls have the parties tied for equal vote strength.

For the other parties, UKIP’s latest rating is 18% following a 10% rating in a Daily Mail poll. The Lib Dems are stuck on 8% whereas the Greens have fallen to 4% of the vote.

It seems that this budget has had no effect on the Tories’ approval ratings. The election still hangs in the balance and it will have to take a victory in the leader’s debates to get the votes they need to win this time.


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