Little should run in red territory come 2017


OPINION: Andrew Little most definitely doesn’t want to be the next candidate in New Plymouth for the Labour Party – and why would he want to?

The city is full of ignorance and even if New Plymouth turned into a red electorate, the red candidate, or any left wing candidate for that matter, has no chance in 2017.

Andrew Little is a leader and possibly with better capability than worldwide hot shot Helen Clark, now wanted by the whole world.

But, Little probably doesn’t want to try and represent New Plymouth in parliament anymore. In the 2014 election Littles number of votes dropped, and National MP Jonathan Young’s hiked forward.

Andrew becomes leader of the Labour Party and there you have it – the latest political poll of 500 voters: Little is directly in front and Jonathan is pulled right back below the 30% mark.

Promising for Labour Party Leader Andrew Little? Well you’d think as much. But possibly, not quite?

Why would Andrew Little, who seems to be New Zealand’s upcoming prime minister, want to represent an electorate that once dismissed his existence?

Little will want a safe Labour seat. He lives in Wellington most of the time, and would probably suit becoming Wellington’s newest MP, keeping the seat as red as possible.

Because when the rest of the country goes against anything red, Wellington stands red and proud.

What’s interesting is that Wellington is probably filled with the most intelligent New Zealanders (Sorry Aucklanders, but this is a no brainer!).

I’m going to be stern here though and go against the latest Insiders NZ Political Poll for New Plymouth and say the following to Andrew: Run for the hills. Get to a safe Labour seat. Once you’re there, flaunt it. Highlight to New Plymouth why they should now be jealous.

Michael Riley – New Plymouth based reporter. 


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