Nats down, Labour up – Little’s honeymoon continues.


National’s bad week is not improving, and the shine of Labour’s leader Andrew Little has not yet worn off. Despite predictions from Patrick Gower who was the first to declare Andrew Little’s honeymoon period over a few months back, followed up by Duncan Garner’s claim Little was now “mince-meat”, and Heather Du Plessis-Allen saying Little was not the “Labour jesus”, Labour is moving from strength to strength, as of yet failing to even once go down in any poll.

After a great run in the polls, Andrew Little’s success is not dying. He’s lifted Labour one point this week off the back of its surge in the previous Roy Morgan poll, and the party now sits comfortably at 31%, matching TVNZ’s Colmar Brunton. The Greens fall back 1 to 11%, taking the Labour-Greens alliance to 42% (up 7 since the election) with the added support of New Zealand First taking the Opposition to 49%.

That puts the Opposition ahead of National’s 46% (down 1 since the election and down 2.5 since the previous poll).

The Maori Party sits tight on 2%, ACT remains depressingly low but is showing signs of improvement on 1%, and Peter Dunne’s United Future is apparently still a thing, but no one has cared to notice, and thus they poll 0%. The MANA Movement is in the same boat as Dunne; they’re polling a big fat zero.

Colin Craig’s Conservatives, starving for attention, has the faith of 1.5% of New Zealanders.

Bennett Morgan.
Full report, source: Here


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