A brief look at what John Key ‘achieved’ for children this week


Voted down a bill that would ensure a decrease in New Zealand kids going hungry ✓
Voted down a bill ensuring all rentals are warm and dry, fighting off disease ✓
Oversaw a sharp decrease in disabled children getting support ✓
Shut a Taranaki school out of a local museum, so he could use it for electioneering purposes ✓

For a party which claims to support families, albeit the ‘traditional’ family, the National Party really does appear to dislike the idea of supporting children.

Yes, it’s true, by 2017 the country’s poorest families are due for a tax cut which will leave them a stunning $1.60 per/day better off. But does that $1.60 count for anything, given John Key has turned down a $100m plan to end child hunger? Surely a breakfast supplied by the school, taking considerable financial stress away from working class families who are struggling with the rising cost of living is an investment worth taking.

The bill was voted down by National, ACT and Peter Dunne.

Dunne took to Twitter after the vote, telling an “abusive” opponent that he would “sleep well” after the Feed The Kids bill was defeated.

A similar bill authorised by New Lynn Labour MP David Cunliffe was also defeated after the bill drew 60 votes to 60 in the 120 MP chamber.

Then, Te Atatu Labour MP Phil Twyford’s bill to ensure all rentals were kept warm, healthy and dry was defeated by the National-ACT coalition’s 60 votes. Labour, The Greens, New Zealand First, the Maori Party and Peter Dunne all voted for it.

Then today the Child Poverty Action Group released a report  which exposed the fact 11,000 disabled children had lost access to already low-paying welfare, which will create a day-to-day struggle for parents.

On Friday Prime Minister John Key will be in New Plymouth at the Puke Ariki museum, which, funnily enough, was the reason a local primary school had to cancel an educational field trip to the museum – so John Key could have the building to himself. John Key has issued no apology, no reply, or even acknowledged his interruption has damaged the school’s plans.

Better luck next week, John. This one has  been a complete shambles.

Bennett Morgan. 


29 thoughts on “A brief look at what John Key ‘achieved’ for children this week

  1. There are people out there who sincerely believe that the families of disabled children are spongeing off society, that children are a luxury item, and that landlords who charge as much as they can get away with “because it’s the market rate” make a valuable contribution to society”. Is common decency so lacking in New Zealand society? Have we no heart, or are we in the desperately sad position of having told ourselves that we can’t afford to use it?

  2. An absolutely disgusting human being who has no ethics or morals. He has systematically attacked the foundation of our country, ithe children during his time as pm. What goes around comes around John.

      • Just because you don’t like his comments it doesn’t mean that he’s not allowed the freedom of speech to make them.

  3. I hate to say it, but I’m half hoping the next week is as much of a shambles – the worse job he does, the more people he alienates, the faster we can boot him and his cronies out come next election.

  4. Mr Key should be ashamed of himself. Especially as he was from a working class family. He has forgotten his roots and the struggle his mother made for him to get where he is today.

  5. John Key gets his support from exploitative businesses (who whin “business confidence is low” when unemployment is low) and from economic spaniels. The more misery, fear and stress he can inflict on the most vulnerable, the more the spaniels adore him and want to stick their boots into the people they blame for the economic hardship everyone suffers.

  6. peter Dunn has no right to be in parliament let alone voting on any bills…he is in parliament thanks to a couple of thousand fools who voted for him, he is certainly not representive of the New Zealand public and is nothing more than a dinosaur puppet propped up by the national government..he is a disagraful reflection of the current government

      • I heard Peter Dunne says yes to everyone in his electorate and clearly his every yes to them means way more to them than poor, starving and disabled children. It’s really okay because their tennis club is getting some much needed funding or whatever club it is who took a bribe from him. WAKE UP J’VILLE.

  7. Again most people voted National over Labour because the other parties were not good enough. People are afraid to vote for the small parties and they do not get a change to grow and show themselves even on the news it is only those two ones nothing more….

    • I think the left needs to show the general public that it is voting consistently as one on issues like child poverty, housing, welfare etc. However, what tends to happen from where I’m sitting is they each get up and talk about themselves and back themselves. Yet before the election they were clearly very chummy with each other. They need to show some consistency and appear together more often – more like different hapu of the same iwi. Perhaps people wondered if the left could work together. Looking at the voting on issues – clearly the left is working together. The other issue is National seem to have convinced the voting public that they are a done deal as in their numbers are too many – don’t bother even trying. Clearly that’s a lie. If more people had tried – National wouldn’t be in power right now. Also, I think the general media is an issue as there seems to be a blockage of information as perhaps the general public are more interested in what suit some contestant is wearing on a show and how similar it may or may not be to one of the judges on that show and what his co-judge girlfriend thinks of it. People are more interested in Natalia than National. I’d never even heard of her. People are busy and don’t have time to watch a lot of TV or read the paper these days. That is how National gets away with it. That and people actually voted for them and a whole lot of people didn’t vote which props them up.

      I think the left when they promote themselves – need to have some adverts all standing together on whatever issues they stand together on. That way people can see they do have solidarity and strength in unity and in numbers.

      I don’t even follow politics but these things that have happened this week are disappointing as a human being. He tapu te tangata.

      • By ‘get away with’ I mean how National are selling out NZ children and instead choosing to spend $25.7 million on ‘essentials’ like two referendum to see if NZ wants to change the flag. Really. Because that is so much more important clearly for everyone who voted for National and for everyone who supports them by not voting at all. Clearly these luxury items are more important than hungry children, unhealthy housing, and disabled children. Because clearly this ‘flag project’ spending is what our world needs and will significantly reduce stress among families especially those with sick or disabled children. Clearly, the National + Act + Peter Dunne combo is awesome for New Zealand and ALL New Zealanders. God bless all New Zealanders to get out and vote for the benefit of all New Zealanders because that is truly the only way all New Zealanders will benefit, when all New Zealanders exercise their right to vote – all New Zealanders will benefit not just the selfish ones.

  8. I think whoever is in power people will complain about. Helen Clark admitted she wanted to get into power to destroy families.
    people on here have called him money hungry…. because he’s been successful? . How about the millionaires in labour?… many many of them. I think every kid should be fed. But what about personal responsibility? A lot of these kids are seen at the dairy before and after school buying pies and coke. If parents are doing all they can… then yes the got should help. That includes not drinking. Smoking. Playing pokies and lotto etc. The poor areas have more takeaway shops than elsewhere…
    it comes down to personal choices

    • If the kids are living on pies and coke, all the more reason to expose them to real, healthy food while they are young – could save millions on later heath costs!

  9. For all the huffing and puffing we see here, what should be analysied and addressed is how National got back into power. What was it that appealed to enough people for them to get the votes? Because it is the same people who knew exactly what they were doing by voting him in… there is a whole group of self-centred, selfish biggotts… whilst they smile and make all the right noises to make themselves “look good” on the outside, on the inside they are degenerates living a total delusion. That would be fine if they want to live a delusion, but’s it’s not fine when it damages the lives of others….

  10. The National coalition government is nothing short of a bunch of well-fed overpaid pigs eating from the same trough of corruption and not giving a stuff about anyone else e.g NZers; but themselves.We should have memories of Gerry Brownlee feeding his face to see how much he prefers food for himself to feeding the poor children in NZ.I would have though Paula Bennett would have some scruples but obviously so many years as a free-loading MP has coddled her memory of her origins.There was once a time she was anti-National government whilst on the DPB.We now have a bunch of self-serving mainly white and rich National politicians who do not give a stuff about the poor NZers.Shame on you National. May Karmic payback come back and bite you where it hurts i.e in your lives, your health and your bank accounts.

  11. Reblogged this on The Forever Years and commented:
    An unfortunate week for New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key with regards to attempts at reducing child poverty and help for disabled children. “The Forever Years” believes the children of Aotearoa deserve better!

  12. New Zealand voted for him yet again so what are you complaining about?
    Hopefully people will learn to vote with a bit more thought in the next election…
    Nope, who am I kidding? Every election time the majority has amnesia and gets won
    over by vague promises and trivial things like charming personalities(according to most of you John Key
    is charming). But seriously it’s the cyclical amnesia that hurts New Zealand the most.
    Keep track of what the majority party did, so you know how to vote next time.

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