Key’s “unfair” interruption leaves kids shut-out

Prime Minister John Key has forced a Taranaki primary school to cancel an educational field trip to a New Plymouth museum for students so he could use the space as he rushes to the electorate this Friday.

Last week Insiders NZ revealed an exclusive political poll which shows Labour Party leader Andrew Little’s support had hiked in the New Plymouth electorate since he had taken leadership of the party.

56.17% of the 500 voters polled said they would vote the Labour Leader for MP of New Plymouth Andrew Little, compared to current National MP Jonathan Young’s 26.09%.

Insiders NZ can now reveal Key is making a special trip to the electorate since the results were published rushing to New Plymouth’s museum Puke Ariki for a public discussion.

The Friday visit was discovered when parents complained to Insiders New Zealand that Key had caused the cancellation of an educational field trip for students to the museum.

“I find this very unfair and absurd as this could have been dealt with better for both students and our prime minister.”, a concerned parent wrote on the Prime Minister’s Facebook page.

However, parents are concerned votes are coming before student educational field trips. Clearly war, flags and rich men sports are too, with the government voting down Meteria Turei’s 100 million dollar costing ‘Feed The Kids’ bill this afternoon in Parliament – baring in mind the cost of troops going to Iraq, funding Team NZ and a flag referendum would cost around 97 million dollars.

In a previously posted article bloggers Michael Riley and Finn Jackson said “John Key can’t be in two electorates at once but he might want to be.”, and now that’s came true for the New Plymouth electorate.

Key will be cutting short his trip in Japan so he can spend more time in the Northland electorate as the election comes head to head with Winston Peters and newbie National candidate Mark Osborne.

But now, by the looks the prime minister has another problem on his hands. Winston Peters is taking over Northland. Andrew Little is taking over New Plymouth. It’s a blood scene for the prime minister.

A devastating time for the National government, and a big push for the “Send a message to the government” team over at New Zealand First.

Michael Riley 


5 thoughts on “Key’s “unfair” interruption leaves kids shut-out

  1. One of the ways they could have ensured some more northern votes for themselves would have been to support the Feed the kids bill. Hell no, they couldn’t even do it for the votes.

  2. One more instance of a self-important fraud assuming dictatorial powers. If you voted for this creep, suck it up.

  3. I suppose it give even more reason for those in that region to vote against National, how bad is that cutting a children’s educational field trip, if anyone else had tried to pull that crap they would have been told where to go by the people running the place.

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