Do Kills and Moon realise not even McDonalds will hire them now?


At this point, less than 24 hours into this embarrassing fiasco became our nation’s leading news story , Natalia Kills and Willy Moon must surely be New Zealand’s most disliked couple. I thought the comments directed at Natalia Kills were over the top, some mean-spirited, as I thought Kills would be thinking to herself what a mistake she had made, and apologise to the deeply humiliated contestant and audience.

You know, I wasn’t expecting a sobbing Kills to tell the country she had found God since last night and would offer her millions (well, thousands) to the contestant, but even a half decent apology would do.

But to no avail. I learned online today that she had tweeted she didn’t give a “flying f*ck” what anyone else thought because she was the judge.

Well, not anymore.

What Kills and her husband Moon exemplified last night was nothing shy of bullying. I fail to see the constructive criticism in telling someone that they make you “sick”, or that you thought they had the potential, rather ironically, to be a murderous psychopath.

But really the warning bells were sounded long before now. This was not her first outburst. Kills demonstrates no skills that it takes to be a judge. I have no idea why her co-judge, Mel Blatt, was depicted as the mean judge when Blatt only ever criticized the music, and not the person.

Then again, ‘criticized’ is too soft of a word for the tirade of Kills and Moon. ‘Tearing the contestant apart as a person through public humiliation’ is a better analysis.

The outcry has been huge. A petition to have Natalia Kills kicked off the show gathered 75,000 signatures, practically over six hours, showing New Zealanders are opposed to bullying in any form. “Its out of control now… Were better than that… Justice will prevail” wrote fellow judge Stan Walker, who apologised for not standing up for the contestant last night.

Blatt was more blunt in her response.

“Ive tried to keep my cool and stay professional but really ? Sorry love , you’re a twat” she wrote on her Twitter, posting a screenshot of Kills defending her actions on her Twitter.

3 News host Hilary Barry was straight to the point:

“Shame on you Natalia. Shame on you.”

“They can now add “failed music TV judge” to “failed pop star” on their CVs – X Factor judges Willy Moon and Natalia Kills have just been fired!” wrote Newstalk ZB’s Tim Roxborough on his Facebook upon hearing the news the pair had been fired

Yesterday the Labour MP Stuart Nash also condemned Kills.

“Have just watched a delayed screening of X-Factor. Not a fan to be honest, but Sarah Nash loves it so I go along for the ride. The last contestant was a chap called Joe Irvine, who I thought sang pretty damn well; James Bond look and suave sound, and that judge Natalia went to town against him in an absolutely nasty manner that totally blew me away. Just downright disgusting!! Initially we thought she was taking the mickey about comparing Joe to her husband (who is also a panelist – hmmm what’s the story with that?), but no, she was serious. What a first rate nasty piece of work if I have ever seen one.! Tell me, how does wearing a suit and singing a little like 25% of male rock stars constitute stealing her husband’s image? It doesn’t in any way, shape or form. To his credit, Joe held up extremely well to the tirade of abuse – and I suspect it will do him no harm. Goodness me, if he has my sympathy, then I can’t imagine what else is going down.!! To be honest, I found this whole incident extremely offensive and in utter poor taste. If this is about ratings, then its a bridge too far for me TV3. While Mrs Nash may watch tomorrow, I’m out for good”.

Today as Mr. Nash heard the news the pair had been fired, his rant mood had died off. He wrote “Send them both back to whatever stone they crawled out from under.”

As for Kills and Moon, it may take them a while to realise this. But their careers, if they were ever there, are now officially dead.

Bennett Morgan. 


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