EXCLUSIVE: Is the Internet Party alive?


Since the dead election result for Internet MANA nothing has been heard from a party which early 2014 was the hit of media across the country. Insiders NZ political editors Bennett Morgan and Michael Riley report on this exclusive story.

Is the Internet Party alive? It is a question that has spread like wild fire across the nation since a heartbreaking election result for the newest political party in NZ.

It’s taken a week for Insiders NZ to fully be able to answer the question in depth, and, it hasn’t been easy either.

We can finally reveal after hours of phone calls that the Internet Party is alive and recovering from its September election result that has seen its members dedication droop to an all time low.

Documents obtained by Insiders show that the party is moving forward, finally, but in shocking ways. An executive committee has been created for the party, which was founded by Kim Dotcom last year.

Recently an election took place on the committee’s placements. No female candidates were in sight, but Kim Dotcom was, and he made it onto the committee, in fact, had the highest number of votes in support.

However what has disturbed current members of the committee is that from the 30,000 paid members of the Internet Party just under 300 elligeble members actually voted in the vital decision.

Grant Keinzley a former chief executive of an organization that is now in partnership with the United Nations and a member of the committee has told Insiders NZ political editor Michael Riley that he was disappointed with the low voter turnout.

“I was disappointed and expected much more voters up around the 1000 mark at the bare minimum” he said.

“I believe this occurred because no one knows if the Internet Party is operating or not. People think the party has shut down when it hasn’t,”

“It also falls on the team of the party though. There has been a significant lack of communication between the party and members.” he said.

When asked who actually runs the party however, Keinzley, who was a Taranaki King Country candidate for the party in the 2014 election said that no one was.

“It is up to the executive committee to really get it back up and started. Re-invented and re-inspired. Working on infrastructure then working on a re-build is top priority” he said.

“In time to come I believe that Internet Party does have the potential to be very effective. I was delighted to see Kim [Dotcom] taking a behind the scene step with being on the committee, instead of taking the large role of being the visionary,” Keinzley admitted.

Young Internets, the unofficial youth wing of the party had also fallen down since the election result with founder Michael McLeod calling it quits and leaving the party.

So yes, there is a lot of questions to continue to ask the Internet Party, but we’ve got the hard one sussed. The Internet Party is alive, and is in ‘recoveration’ mode.

Here’s a quick tip to the party: More communication is clearly needed with your members.

Here’s a quick tip to the members: The party is alive. Don’t give up just yet. Watch out for the Internet, they say it is going to change the world one day, and it has already started, by the looks?



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