The Labour Surge | Little attracts aprox 75,000 more voters.

It’s no Little poll lift, the new Labour leader has just overseen the single largest poll boost his party has witnessed since John Key became leader of the country.

Off the back of a humiliating election result, wherein Labour secured just 25.1% of the total vote, the party, since voting in Andrew Little as the new leader, has rocketed an unpredicted 6 points to 31.0% in the space of five months.

Andrew Little in Kawakawa today.

Andrew Little in Kawakawa today.

That would result in an extra 74,574 people voting Labour if the turnout is similar to the 2014 crowd.

Andrew Little said he has taken notes on his party’s dismal performance last year, has booted unpopular and unclear policies to the sideline, and has also taken notes on the astonishing victories of the Labor Party in Victoria and Queensland.

John Key’s National Party is up 2 to 49%, although its crucial support partners are fading away. Neither ACT nor United Future registered in the poll, despite David Seymour’s promise to bolster ACT to 5 MPs within three years.

Both ACT and United Future recorded their worst results ever at the previous election with United Future polling behind the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party for the first time. Both are receiving life support from the National Party so it can have the numbers to pass controversial legislation.

Perhaps the party that is suffering the most is the Conservatives, who have hardly raised their voice since the election. Their Facebook page, meanwhile, hasn’t been active since November.

But the Conservatives, now polling just 1% (previously polling 4.9%) aren’t giving up, and intend to stand a candidate in the upcoming Northland by-election.

A 3 News Reid-Research poll the other week had Labour polling a pleasing 29%. Days later Roy Morgan published a poll with Labour up 4 to 30%. The ONE News Colmar Brunton poll tonight is the best result yet with 31%.

The poll also suggested Andrew Little is the preferred Prime Minister by 12% of the country, the best start to any Labour leader in decades and equaling David Cunliffe’s last preferred PM result already.


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