New South Wales and their new innovative recycling system.

New South Wales premier Mike Baird has teamed up with the Clean Up Australia initiative to deliver a new innovative recycling system.

The scheme has been dubbed the ‘reverse vending machines’ project.

The premier said in a statement;

“NSW is #1 for the economy. We want to make NSW #1 for the environment, too. 

I was very pleased to be joined by Ian Kiernan from Clean Up Australia,Bruce Notley-Smith, and Gabrielle Upton as we announced the implementation of a Container Deposit Scheme.

We will be rolling out ‘reverse vending machines’ across public spaces in NSW to incentivise people to keep our cans and bottles away from our beaches and parks, and in the recycling bin where they belong.”.

Clean Up Australia said it was “great news” for New South Wales.

“Our government has listened to YOU, announcing the introduction of a container refund scheme for bottles and cans effective July 1, 2017. Join us in thanking our Premier and Environment Minister for not bowing to the bullying of the beverage industry and their allies.” they said in a statement.

As the name suggests, the ‘reverse vending machine’ scheme is a device which accepts any recyclable bottles, and the user will be rewarded with a sum of money.

Users of the device in New South Wales will be given 10c for every bottle recycled.

Clean Up Australia says thank you to NSW premier Mike Baird.

Clean Up Australia says thank you to NSW premier Mike Baird.


VIDEO: Mike Baird being presented with the petition in support of the devices.

Bennett Morgan, Insiders 2015. 


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