John Oliver – TV presenter turned activist.

With the departure of Jon Stewart from Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, fans of the very popular format will be pleased to know John Oliver is taking the chains, and if his most recent segment on HBO’s Last Week Tonight is anything to go by, he is perhaps prepared to be even more of an activist than Stewart.

Stewart, who will depart his program later this year has hosted in the globally-loved show since 1999. He has never made his political views secret, constantly throwing punches at the Republican Party and their ‘partners in crime’ Fox News. Stewart has described his political views as “independent” and/or “socialist”.

‘Independent’ meaning he is loyal to neither the liberal Democrats or the conservative Republicans.

Some would be surprised to learn Stewart has voted for Right-wing candidates before, in 1988 he voted for George Bush Senior. Stewart described President Bush as man who has “an integrity about him that I respected greatly”.

But his views on inequality in America were never far from his work as a comedian;

“Why is it that if you take advantage of a corporate tax break you’re a smart businessman, but if you take advantage of something so you don’t go hungry, you’re a moocher?”.

No replacement has yet been confirmed for 52 year-old Stewart.

Departing: Jon Stewart is also remembered for hosting coverage of numerous US elections.

Departing: Jon Stewart is also remembered for hosting coverage of numerous US elections.

But the format the The Daily Show played by is not dead, despite the cancellation of the similar show The Colbert Report (Comedy Central) which will end transmission in December.

A new kid is on the block.

John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight was slow to start, but it has become just as popular as the Comedy Central’s creations, raking in the viewers on HBO and the views on YouTube.

Here is the video from John Oliver’s latest show, which some argue has just launched him from comedian and TV personality to activist.


John Oliver’s campaign to defeat the Tobacco industry, which has recently sued sovereign states which introducing anti-smoking legislation. 


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