Candidate’s comment ‘a disgrace’ – ratepayer


A New Plymouth by-election candidate has created a storm after saying at a Taranaki Daily News election debate yesterday that while he didn’t support Maori Wards, he also didn’t support community boards.

A community board is an elected board of members in a certain area away from the New Plymouth City Ward, in the New Plymouth District Council these boards are created in Inglewood, Waitara and other outer New Plymouth towns.

Morris West, a man who dresses as a woman to raise money, and a celebrant, was the candidate to make the comment which was met by questions.

“I do not believe the community boards do any good,” West said.

“I dont support a female ward, and the community boards are no better,” he said.

A Greypower member at the debate made a comment to Insiders NZ Reporter Michael Riley that the comment was a disgrace that raised questions.

“I live in Inglewood, and I know that our elected members do a good job, and bring the council to the areas that aren’t close to New Plymouth,” Kirsty said.

“If we have any problems in our Inglewood community, they’re the first people you go to. The community board has a large role in Inglewood to represent us,” she said.

13 candidates are in the race for the two New Plymouth City Ward seats.

Voting packs have been delivered out this week and voting will operate until 12pm Tuesday, March 10. Results will be announced later that afternoon.

/Insiders NZ


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