Let us not be overcome by fear; let us be smart.

Inhumane. Hostile. Unreal. Horrific.

Words I would use to describe those associated with the association that is the Islamic State.

The rise of a death-preaching, discriminatory, intolerant, religious extremist state is something every country in the world should find revolting. It is something every federal leader on our planet should be concerned over. If the rise of the Islamic State succeeds it will call in a new era. There has not been a state quite like this in well over 500 years.

What the motivates the Islamic State to commit terror is unlike any terrorist organisation we have ever seen before.

Al Qaeda (‘The Base’) had differing motives to the Islamic State, and it is important to understand the distinctions which make these groups utterly different. The only thing IS and Al Qaeda have in common is there barbaric tendency to cause mayhem.

Al Qaeda never aimed to create nation state. Its aim was, more or less, to strike fear into the hearts of the West.

Although Al Qaeda attracted the disenfranchised Muslims of the Middle East and elsewhere, it was founded and inspired, surprisingly, by wealthy, highly-educated individuals. Osama Bin-Laden himself was the son of the wealthiest family in Saudi Arabia.

The Bin Laden family during Osama's childhood,

The Bin Laden family during Osama’s childhood,

Some leaders were even educated in the United States, living sections of their lives in small, ideal, Ameircan-dream type towns. They would educate themselves via French, Dutch and English literature, inspired by great Western thinkers and doers such as Albert Einstein. But inside them all remained a deep intolerance to the West. Fundamentalists sought a world not ruled by communism, capitalism or liberalism. But by Islam. Traditional Islamic law.

It is somewhat difficult to understand the objectives of the Islamic State. But, as the name suggests, the over-arching aim is to secure an Islamic homeland. A homeland where Islamic fundamentalism is the script for the sovereign state’s laws .

It is essentially a desire to return to the ancient way of life, before any foreign intervention or attempts to modernise the religion and its people. It is a dangerous step backward.

Islam in its most pure form.

Most men joining this movement are disenfranchised. The wealthy and highly educated founders of these terror organisations capitalise on the disenfranchisement of young men, often fresh out of home, and most commonly between the ages of 20 – 35.

It is at this age where a person, now independent from their parents, seek identity, belonging and a most crucially a purpose. It is these things (identity, belonging, purpose) which can turn the most educated individuals into fundamentalists. It is these things which inspire ordinary young men, from right around the globe (some with no prior allegiance to Islam) to join a movement as brutal and barbarous as the Islamic State.

This group is a threat to democracy and it is a threat to human rights. It must be stopped.
But how? And how to we prevent such an uprising from happening again?

Is terror inevitable? What causes it? Is it outside intervention? Is it the longing to be have an identity, feel a sense of belonging, and a sense of purpose?

In my opinion there are no correct, or entirely correct answers to these questions. Terror tactics have always been used, and they are nothing new.

Realistically you can become a fundamentalist in any belief you hold. You could be a communist fundamentalist, a capitalist fundamentalist, a Christian fundamentalist or even a human rights fundamentalist.

For the time being the Islamic State must be destroyed. Democracy and human rights most be restored.

But here’s a question; how do we prevent the spread of Islamic fundamentalists terror from reaching all corners of our globe?

Note a pattern with the countries most recently put under attack by those claiming allegiance to the Islamic State movement.

Australia and Canada. Both announced their intention to go to war with the Islamic State early on, both months later were the subject of terror attacks.

Parliament siege: One of two successful terror plots in Canada in the past year.

Parliament siege: One of two successful terror plots in Canada in the past year.

In fact Australia has uncovered more plans for public beheadings in recent days.

High alert: Australian police are uncovering terror plots.

High alert: Australian police are uncovering terror plots.

All countries will have terrorists, or those prepared to do terrorist acts in the name of their beliefs.

We have 40 people known for connections the Islamic State living in New Zealand. There are multiple in all our major cities.

If we decide to support Iraq in their goal to defend their country we automatically put ourselves at greater risk.

And the more countries that join in, the more citizens we put in danger.

We must not be overcome by fear. The global response must be rational, tactical and smart.

Iraq, its neighbours (especially Syria and Jordan) and the United States. It is these countries which have the job of protecting their citizens and defending their borders so the Islamic State doesn’t spread. The United States has a degree of responsibility in protecting Iraq for the atrocities it has committed there, setting of a chain of events which inspired the creation of the Islamic State Movement.

IS controlled area in gray.

IS controlled area in gray.

Plus, with the United States potentially pledging troops and supplies worth well into the billions, it is predictable that these nations and the United States could defeat the Islamic State.

When and if the Islamic State rapidly grows, we can consider intervention from other countries.

Planned route of Islamic state.

Planned route of Islamic state.

But the intervention of all countries, from all corners of the globe spreads the likelihood of terror beyond a precise geographical location. It sends the problem into dozens of new locations, making it harder for the world to defeat IS, simply because our global military force is spread and required to defend the borders of our own nations,whilst unable to help others.

Let us be smart, let us be tactful. We cannot afford to rush into this. The consequences are dire.

Bennett Morgan. 


One thought on “Let us not be overcome by fear; let us be smart.

  1. Islamic State was the former private army [is],of Prince Bandar of Saudia Arabia.It receives funding from the Gulf States.It receives weapons through Turkey.It receives logistical and medical support from Israel.It is being used by these states as a means to destabilized Syria ,Iraq,Iran,and Lebanon.One of the main reasons it gathers support from young men is unemployment.Israel would prefer I.S. to Bashar Al Assad.Sending our troops there raises the obvious question who are we actually fighting!This is one war we should stay well away from.The form of Islam that I.S. represents known as Wabbahism is only followed in Saudi Arabia that has similar Barbaric practices to I.S.The only Information we get in N Z. is basically propaganda.The so called terrorist attacks in Canada and Oz could be false flag operations carried out by intelligence services with the aim of creating fear.The gladio conspiracy,which was a series of terrorist attacks carried out by right wing extremists to discredit Anything leftwing.The Bay of Tonkin in 1964 was used to escalate the Vietnam war.Most recently the shooting down of MH17 by a SU25 Ukaranian jet fighter.One has to ask who benefits from these terrorist attacks or wars.Only a very small group of people who will make a shit load of money from them!They convince the sheep to fight these wars because they are defending demo cracy etc. and the same time being asked to give up freedoms which define democracy.Whi are the people here who support I S.I would submit our Govt.They have supplied credible evidence to the contrary.

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