Online poll reveals record percentage of NZers opposed to flag change

Losing touch?  Is John Key in-touch with the thinking of most New Zealanders?

Losing touch?
Is John Key in-touch with the thinking of most New Zealanders?

Bennett Morgan writes:

John Key’s dreams of securing a legacy in a new national flag are fast melting away.

The poll conducted by Yahoo New Zealand of 7,321 people found that opposition to a new national flag is at an all-time, record-breaking high.

Of those surveyed, 77% said they were opposed to a flag change compared to just 21% who supported the Prime Minister in his ambitions. 2% were uncommitted or unsure.


Yahoo poll results.

It is the unsure voters Key is trying to woo as he has admitted to numerous media companies that, as it currently stands, New Zealanders are not in favour of a flag change.

But the new poll is earth-shattering.

Never before have other polls with a smaller population sample shown such avid opposition.

When Key first toyed with the idea of a flag referendum, support for a flag change was at 61% according to a TV3 poll. Just weeks after his announcement that he would intend to change the flag  via referendum, a poll was released by TVNZ showing 72% opposition.

Polls since then have fallen back to around 65% opposition.

Changing public opinion over time.

Changing public opinion over time.

What is clear though, is New Zealanders have seen through the facade and seen this for what it is; John Key’s attempt at a positive legacy.

He has essentially annoyed his conservative voter base who didn’t want a change anyway, and put-off the liberal vote who don’t want to be associated with John Key’s opinion.

Result; utter chaos. Key’s referendum is due to face massive rejection.

Then there’s the controversy over the style of the referendum itself. Kasey McDonnell, Insiders contributor told me;

“The national flag referendum is quite literally backwards. Why spend money on choosing which alternate flag people like most, *then* find out whether they want it? Any reasonable government would understand that logically, the first step to replacing the flag is to find out whether the country wants it replaced, not which flag the country wants most after the flag they already have.”

Then there’s questions over what exactly this referendum is meant to be deterring our attention from.

Some argue it’s the TPPA agreement, a trade deal between numerous Pacific nations which some believe would give corporations power over government. Others argue we shouldn’t be signing up to the TPPA because the process has been entirely secretive and undemocratic. Either way, the TPPA is near impossible to argue in affirmative, and thus, conclude some, Key must be using the flag referendum as a distraction.

ActionStation’s video on the TPPA (Trans Pacific Partnership [Trade] Agreement).

4 thoughts on “Online poll reveals record percentage of NZers opposed to flag change

  1. TPPA March , March the 7th.

    So the March 7th. march plan for Wellington … start at Civic Square 1.00 pm march to the Bee Hive .
    There will be speakers at both ends of the march and we encourage people to bring their families.
    We do this independent of political parties but we extend an invitation to all Parties to speak . We would hope National will send a Senior Minister to explain to those attending the positive aspects of the TPPA and who knows possibly allow a short Q&A ? The same applies to all Parties .

    Follow this link for a march in your area.

  2. Leave our NZ flag alone, John Key we need you to consider the wastefulness of the thousands of NZ dollars. Men and women have competed and fought under the flag we have. If you need to consider a flag use the Maori flag and give them payment, seems you are hell bent on having your way with a change of flag.

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