Sarah Palin for America? Seriously?

Liam Bateman writes.

Next year, the American people will be going to the polls to elect their new president to replace Barack Obama as well as to choose the makeup of the US House of Representatives and the Senate. Across the USA and in other countries, including New Zealand, many have speculated who will take the candidacy for the presidency for the Democrats and the GOP. Names like Hilary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush and even failed 2012 Republican candidate Mitt Romney are just a few that have been suggested to fight for the White House next year. But I saw a YouTube video a while ago and I simply find the content creator’s suggestion ludicrous and unbelievable.

The maker of this video is stateofdaniel, an American GOP member who I follow for his arguments for religion. However, I obviously do not see eye to eye with him politics wise. He has endorsed the infamous 2008 VP candidate for the Republicans, Sarah Palin for the presidential candidacy. And I simply cannot keep my mouth shut anymore. He blames “liberal media” for painting Palin as a moron and makes claims she is actually a smart woman and a great choice to stand for the GOP. I find that extremely hard to believe. If that had been the case, she would not have been the constant target of satirical performance by acclaimed comedienne Tina Fey. Then again, we have seen similar treatment towards Hilary Clinton by Amy Poehler. Daniel has, in another video, also spoke about how Sarah Palin could turn around America, which can be viewed down below.

Sorry Daniel, but I doubt Miss Palin would do anything about crony capitalism. If anything, a GOP president would make it more opportune for it to grow. Then you have her backwards views on climate change and her inability to recognise it as a problem, something Maggie Thatcher appeared to be the direct opposite in stance. The biggest problem I have with her is, of course, her infamous Russia quote. I’m taking due care not to mix up proper quotes with Tina Fey jokes, but her response to a question from renowned journalist Katie Couric in which she claimed simply living in a state close to Russia would be enough experience for foreign affairs and relations.

I seriously would not consider Sarah Palin as a contender for the GOP. I think if she got the nomination, the GOP would most likely suffer their worst election defeat yet. And if she did, by some miracle, become US president, I doubt the rest of the West would be happy.

From a Kiwi’s point of view, the thing I will be looking for most in a potential president is a strong leader for the rest of the Western world whom the people could trust. Barack Obama has done wonders in America with policies like Obamacare and has also overseen the death of Osama bin Laden. However, he’s far from perfect. Revelations he has authorized spying and phone tapping on German chancellor Angela Murkel would have lifted a few eyebrows from other nations and accusations from Snowden and Assange are doing him no favours. A future president needs to restore faith and trust in their friends. Continuing the spying on Angela Murkel or expanding it to non-threatening nations across the globe is not going to do that.

Rebuilding the trust shattered by the Obama administration will be a big task for the next president but it sure won’t happen under Sarah Palin.


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