Tories ahead in three new polls

After leading the Conservatives to all-time low poll ratings, Cameron has revived his party and is ready to win.

After leading the Conservatives to all-time low poll ratings, Cameron has revived his party and is ready to win.

Bennett Morhan reports for UK 2015:

David Cameron’s Conservative Party has taken a small lead in new polls by The Sun, The Independent and The Daily Mirror.

The election, which has been labeled “impossible to call” by BBC Political Research Unit editor David Cowling.

“UKIP’s surge makes the prediction nearly impossible” Cowling said.

The Right-wing UKIP Party has surged from a 3.1% rating in 2010 following a contentious debate in Britain over immigration and the country’s future in the EU.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage wants Britain out of the EU and to reduce immigration. However the party also wants to liberalise trade and personal freedoms.

In the Mirror poll UKIP polls a staggering 23% – just 7 point shy of Labour’s 30 and the Tories’ 31. The Mirror poll also suggests the ‘Green surge’ (rise of the Green parties) has been significantly exaggerated as the party polls just 3%.

The Greens polled just shy of 1% at the 2010 poll.

YouGov/Sun poll:
Conservative 34%
Labour 33%
UKIP 15%
Green 7%
LibDem 6%

Daily Mirror poll:
Conservative 31%
Labour 30%
UKIP 23%
LibDem 7%
Green 3%

The Independent poll:
Conservative 31%
Labour 30%
UKIP 17%
LibDem 8%
Green 7%

Leaders tackle constituencies:

It was a rocky start for Prime Minister David Cameron who unveiled a new poster at the start of his campaign which claimed the Conservative-led government has cut the ‘deficit in half’. The statement is technically false, as Britain’s deficit still sits dangerously close to 100 billion pounds.

Meanwhile Labour leader Ed Miliband is fighting the election over Britain’s National Health Service, which Labour believes is in considerable danger under a newly-elected Conservative government.

The Conservatives, who aim to reduce the deficit through austerity, have pledged to cut spending to its lowest level since the 1920s; predating the NHS. Labour believes that if this is the case the NHS would face huge cuts and potential privatization which would put lives at risk.

“One of the country’s most precious institutions faces its most perilous moments in a generation. The future of our NHS is at stake in this general election.” Mr. Miliband will say at a policy launch in which he will unveil a new policy to higher 36,000 more NHS staff.


One thought on “Tories ahead in three new polls

  1. what is dangerous about Britain’s deficit?Deficits add net financial assets to the non-govt. sector.They underpin the economy.If they had been spent into the real economy instead of bailing out criminal banksters,there would be no talk of cutting into parts of the economy which benefits the majority of the public. The British, along with U S A, Canada, NZ issue their own currencies so there is no risk of default.Why the hysteria?Economic ignorance.

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