SNP holds huge lead over Labour in first poll of 2015.

Nicola Sturegon, leader of the SNP.

Nicola Sturegon, leader of the SNP.

Bennett Morgan reports for UK 2015. 

The Centre-left Scottish National Party has surged to a 29-point lead over Labour in the first poll of 2015.

The nationalists have increased their support among the Scottish public to to 53% in the poll of just over 1,000 people, up 9 points from the last poll, whilst Jim Murphy’s Labour Party sinks to 24% (down 2).

Deputy leader of the nationalists Stewart Hosie said in a statement;

“This poll is a disaster for Labour and for Jim Murphy, who worked hand in glove with the Tories in the referendum campaign – and people across Scotland haven’t forgotten that.

“Labour are fatally wounded by their Tory alliance, and have clearly lost trust.

“Nobody buys Jim Murphy’s ridiculous claim that he isn’t a Unionist, after he spent the referendum campaign touring the country defending the Westminster system with the Tories.

“That just insults people’s intelligence, and this poll shows the trust problem that Labour now have in Scotland. In the General Election, the one party that can be trusted to stand up for Scotland is the SNP.”

Meanwhile the Conservatives drop 1 to 11% as do the Lib Dems who are down to 5%.


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