All leaders disliked by public: Opium poll.

Bennett Morgan reports for UK 2015. 
Signpost, political parties

The latest Opium poll, reported by The Guardian newspaper has revealed all potential leaders, including the incumbent, are disliked by the public.

Prime Minister David Cameron remains the most popular leader in the country with 36% of voters believing he’s the man for the top job.

The poll results continue to deliver blows for Opposition Labour leader Ed Miliband who is supported by just 22% of the public with a disapproval rating of 51% of the public.

Liberal Democrat leader and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg also continues to suffer with approval from just 16% of the public and disapproval from 61%.

Shockingly UKIP leader Nigel Farage is preferred by 33% of the public, just 3 points shy of Mr. Cameron’s rating.

Meanwhile the voting intentions of Britain have swayed back to Labour, who, according to the Opium poll, can expect the votes of 33% of the public to the Conservatives 28%.

However, polling is continuing to predict a much closer race than the polls indicated a year ago.

61% of voters will vote for either Labour or the Conservatives, signalling a major swing away from the two major parties.

That support is flowing to UKIP, who sit on 20%.

The Greens continue their impressive polling with 6% support, just 1 point behind the Liberal Democrats.


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