An organization in trouble: Whangarei Youth In Politics branch closes


Youth In Politics reports: 
Today Youth in Politics New Zealand confirmed Whangarei’s township would be losing its branch because of the large number of youth organizations in the area.

In a press statement the organization said “Young people while are interested in the organization in Whangarei, the town has many other organizations working to accomplish the same goals.”

New Zealand coordinator Michael Riley told Insiders NZ it was important that members put their time and effort into the other youth organizations.

We are still working with members however the actual organization in Whangarei is to end, resources are needed in other towns,” Riley said.

“Our target for Youth in Politics is purely to get to the places that need more youth input in politics.”
“Wanganui will soon hold a Youth in Politics organization, and Wellington will be an official set up which is exciting,” Riley said.
“It is important we target larger centres first and make our way down, we will be back to Whangarei, but that won’t happen for quite some time,” Riley said.

However despite the sadness of the organization closing in Whangarei, its all happy days in Wanganui.

Wanganui President Riley Barrett is estatic and excited to be the leading face of the organization in the city.

“We still have some time to go, but its looking positive,” Barrett said.


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