Liberal MP slammed by colleague over anti-#illridewithyou tweets.

Tony Abbott’s coalition is showing more signs of division after George Christensen was slammed by fellow colleague Ewen Jones over a series of tweets denouncing the #illridewithyou.

The hashtag was intended to encourage and maintain Australia’s understanding of multiculturalism. The hashtag has been an amazing success, trending on Twitter for the past few days and even gaining the attention of US President Barack Obama. Opposition leader Bill Shorten praised the hashtag on the night of the Sydney siege; “Australians tonight doing what we do best – uniting to overcome intolerance and hate”.

George Christensen, the federal Liberal National Party member for Dawson was less sympathetic;




Only to be slammed moments later by fellow Liberal National MP Ewen Jones, member for Herbet, who proved you don’t have to be a ‘lefty twitter warrior’ to hope for a united force against extremism:

Cheers, Ewen.


One thought on “Liberal MP slammed by colleague over anti-#illridewithyou tweets.

  1. Proof in the pudding right there that there exist in Oz a lunatic right wing fringe who have brains so clouded and muddied that they are unable or unwilling to give a decent response to serious questions like this one! Who the h$ll could / would criticise a campaign aimed at mending a rift? or would George Christensen be one of those thuggish Ozzies who have been featured on utube being ultra nasty to innocent immigrants…?

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