Would you still be laughing if it were Stephanie?

Well, today I finally woke up to the news which put me at the end of my tether. I have come to the conclusion that our Prime Minister, the so-called ‘right hounrable’ John Key is indeed a sociopath. I know that on many articles and posts in the past I have unprofessionally diagnosed Key with this disorder, mainly due to his disregard of the poor, disabled and sick.

But now I pose the question, has John Key been professionally diagnosed?

I believe there are just some topics which cannot possibly be funny, let alone if they are told by a head of government. For me, two of these topics are rape and murder. The outpouring of disbelief this has generated on social media has been overwhelming. Some, quite rightly, pose the question; “Would you still be laughing if it were your daughter?”.

One comment which particularly caught my attention was on the One News Facebook page. I explained it in a earlier post;

“So John Key’s murder and rape joke won’t stick, unlike Cunliffe’s ‘sorry for being a man’. I see the usual suspects have rushed to the defensive, and some are even attacking a mother on the One News Facebook page who has taken offensive at the comments, explaining her daughter was a victim of homicide.

Yes, people are actually putting their precious leader and his gaffe ahead of a grieving mother. Makes me sick. I’m glad they got a tonne of feedback comments telling them they were sociopathic morons.”

The reaction has been one of utter disbelief – how could a Prime Minister possibly sink this low? It did so remind me of Key’s other gaffes, which haven’t stuck. The gay red shirt. The sugar-daddy comment which implied Laila Harre was a whore to internet mogul Kim Dotcom.

No, none of these have stuck to Key as the ‘sorry for being a man’ comment stuck to Cunliffe. If only people were to look deeper on that story and they would find Cunliffe made some very progressive comments regarding sexual violence. Something that sadly, and disturbingly, Key finds a laughing matter.

Which reminds me of a song released during the election campaign; “Kill the Prime Minister”. A song which generated anger, because it advocated the murder of John Key and sexual assaulting his daughter, Stephie.

If only the same people then who were so angered by the song (and understandably so) were angered by Key’s comments now, which make light of the exact two same topics – rape and murder.

So I ask, what if it were Stephanie Key? Would it still be funny? I don’t think so. This, Prime Minister, was not the response the victim’s families deserved from you.

What they deserve now, at the very least, is a heart-felt apology.



3 thoughts on “Would you still be laughing if it were Stephanie?

  1. What if it was his own daughter?He wouldn’t joke about it.He might suddenly decide to say “Oh that’s different”. But it isn’t different. A society in which citizens(regardless of their gender) feel endangered is not a well-functioning society.

  2. well stephanie has probably already been passed around her fathers sexaholic buddies in her young days…maybe that’s why he finds rape so funny, cuz he encourages it…in fact his treaty of Waitangi board member/fc lawyer friend Barbara collis of kutarere/opotiki (who runs child orgs) caters to sex offenders through family court for legal guardianship of widowers children while they sacrilegiously hijack their Christmas’s easters and school holidays. Key has a reputation of sabotaging help so his mates who date guys that rape their daughters up until jailed, can get kiddies for Christmas brunch against the biological parent wishes…Ruth dyson changed the law to make that happen so anybody in nz has the legal right to go for legal guardianship of anybodies child…and if youre a parent who opposes it then police will abduct you and stomp on you and lock you up so it can all be pushed forward in a secret fc room where they make your child a ward of the state to cater to offenders…so ya see Stephanie has most probably been abused in the past by her father and his business comrades and im guessing john key would have found it extremely funny cuz hes such a sick bastard

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