Think Labour have it bad? Major Dutch Centre-left party sinks to 8%.


Think sinking from 37% to 24% is bad? Try going from 38% to 8%. A warning for the future of the New Zealand Labour Party out of Europe – you can go lower. In fact, all the Left-wing parties in the Netherlands combined can only manage 31% in the polls.

Note: Polls in the Netherlands are measured in seat prediction. There are 150 seats in their parliament. 

The Dutch Social Democratic Party  made a horrible mistake in going into an agreement with the nation’s governing neoliberal party at the last election. This decision has seen the party crash in some polls to as low as 11 seats, whereas it was last in government with a commanding in majority in 2002.

It is the death of a major party. The Social Democrats, with the Socialist Party, both manage a collective of 29 seats. With the country’s only other credible left-leaning party, the Green Left, polling at 7 seats. Fearing far worse than New Zealand’s Labour+Green alliance on about 35%.

Other factors have contributed to the party’s downfall, and that appears to be matters such as lack of policy and lack of unity. Between November 2012 and January 2013, the Social Democrats led the main government party by majorities as large as 27 seats vs 23 seats.

The rise of several minor parties has also sent the Centre-left bloc plummeting. The nation’s far-right neo-nazi Party For Freedom polled as highly as 30 seats, but has since dropped back to 15 seats. A centrist liberal party, the Democrats 66, polled as highly as 29 seats, but has since dropped back to 19 seats.

Current polling out of the Netherlands: 
People’s Party (Centre-right) 30
Freedom Party (Far-right) 23
Christian Dems (Centre-right) 22
Dems 66 (Centre) 19
Socialist Party (Left-wing) 17
Social Dems (Centre-left) 12
Green Left (Centre-left) 7
Christian Union (Centre-left) 6
Animal Party (Left-wing) 5
Reform Party (Right-wing) 4
50PLUS (Centre) 4

Combined Right: 79/150  52.6% 
Combined Left:   47/150   31.3% 


One thought on “Think Labour have it bad? Major Dutch Centre-left party sinks to 8%.

  1. The labour M.P. ‘s still think of themselves as a major force.This illusion defies the fact nearly a million people didn’t vote.A lot of people I know are not going to vote anymore. Labour M P’s still cannot admit that gutting their voter support back in 80’s.They need to move left.The centre doesn’t exist except as a propaganda tool for the right.Labour M P’s who change their leadership,though Cunliffe hasn’t done anything wrong,are repeating the same mistakes as before.The right wing of the labour party are the problem.They belong in act.They need to get in touch with 21 century socialism.

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