ACT and the Conservatives spar over major differences, National watches from sideline.

In National’s first 30 second ad of 2014 (the one without John Key) the yellow and light-blue rowers were notably absent from the boat. 

So was the lone purple rower, but this is understandable. 

National’s desperate attempt not to seem like a five-headed monster has failed. David Cunliffe has restricted his plausible in-cabinet partners to three parties. Namely these are Labour, the Greens, and New Zealand First. National is having to woo a much larger crowd of vastly different opinions. They’ve stated they’d work with ACT, United Future, the Maori Party, the Conservatives and New Zealand First. 

That’s a lot of people to please. And a lot more money and bottom lines to spend on. Notably too almost all the parties he is happy to work with are the walking dead. Peter Dunne’s ever decreasing popularity in Ohariu is evident, with his party polling nationwide at 0%. ACT relies on David Seymour winning Epsom, which is proving to be a difficult task with multiple polls showing Goldsmith of National in the lead. ACT even lags behind United Future in some nationwide polls. The Maori Party looks to claim all three of its seat, albeit by small margins. Nationwide they fail to make headway.

But the biggest divide in National’s camp is between ACT and the Conservatives. Peter Dunne started the year by calling Colin Craig a “crackpot conservative”, but now it’s the other minnow firing all the shots. Jamie Whyte has written numerous online attacks against Mr. Craig and the Conservatives on ACT’s blog. Added to that, the ACT party’s front page now shows an apparent attack image on the Conservatives’ fliers: 
In the article “Why New Zealand doesn’t need Colin” the ACT Party describes Colin Craig and his policies as; “Scare mongering xenophobic rubbis” and “deluded and dangerous”. They go on to make cheap-shots, pointing out the Conservatives flier states the following; “It would be nice if we could trust politicians”, Jamie Whyte notes; “The Conservative party are politicians.  Are they saying we cannot trust them?”. 

This comes before a whole collection of articles written by Jamie Whyte, attacking Craig over his tax policies and more. Some of the comments made by Whyte and out-and-out lies; “Yet Craig does not want a referendum to make this change. He has said repeatedly he will support a Labour/Green government if they will agree to binding referendum.”. 

Not true – Colin Craig made is clear as daylight he would support National into government at the ASB Economy/Finance debate in Queenstown just weeks ago. 

Which Jamie Whyte also attended. 

The ACT Party website dissects in total two Conservative Party fliers which amounts to a total of 57 points as to why the Conservative Party is wrong about everything. 

They call it the ‘CONSERVATIVES FACT CHECK’. Each of the 57 points made (sourced from the Conservative flier) are called either ‘Contradictions’ or ‘Misrepresentations’. 

The Conservatives have fired shots back too. The Young Conservatives New Zealand Facebook page appeared to predict the outcome of the Epsom results this election. It appears to represent David Seymour of the ACT Party as a possum, turned into roadkill: 

The image received multiple complaints. 

With these two completely at-odds parties sparing over differences, Key will have to keep on rowing – not looking back. 


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