What can you buy in a day’s shop at Countdown with National’s tax cuts?

As some lucky New Zealanders eagerly await their extra $1.36 per day under National’s proposed tax cuts, we thought we’d let you in on the anticipation. 

Too many New Zealanders aren’t getting ahead because of the outrageously high costs of plastic spoons, forks and knives. Thousands of New Zealand children suffer in poverty daily because what we consider to be luxury items, like Hubba Bubba bubblegum, are simply out of reach. 

Luckily National’s tax cut plan, delivering a working person an extra $1.36 will help end the suffering of so many. 

So grab your trolley cart this instant*, it’s time to go shopping! 

*by ‘this instant’, we of course mean three years from now – when the government can ‘afford’ to give you this massive allowance.  
We’re at your local Countdown, surrounded by hundreds more working class families buzzing with their three extra coins. 

Sweet! Look what you’ve scored yourself with your extra bucks. A pack of plastic spoons – this really will help ease the cost of living for your family and ensure you, generally all round, have a better life. 

For far too long plastic spoons, forks, and knives have been out of reach for so many struggling New Zealand families. 

And get this, if you save your $1.36 every day for four days – you can get the whole set! Plastic spoons, forks, knives and teaspoons! 
Awesome. God I love this rockstar economy! Don’t you? 

In case you’ve avoided the temptation to live the high life and snatch up the nearest pack of plastic spoons in sight – you might want to feast your eyes on some of the other items you simply never dreamt of buying before: 
That’s right. Under the new tax plan for working families, you’ll be able to afford a fruit drink hardly anyone has heard of! Awesome! 
And if that wasn’t enough, you can still afford to buy (most) of the items in the chewing gum range and (most) of the items in the Cadbury range! (But remember, only one of these items a day. We don’t want you spoiled rotten!). 

The other parties don’t have any answers to our elderly, disabled and young people living in poverty. Vote National for your daily top up of plastic spoons, bubblegum and chocolate bars! 

A serious word: 
This election is a choice between a government which will offer working families an extra block of cheese and a carton of milk a week – and a government that wants to tackle poverty head-on. 

National’s tax cuts will cost the country $500m with minimal return. This is simply sad, considering it costs just $100m to feed every decline 1 and 2 student in the country with a breakfast and lunch meal. 

A word from Insiders, NLATNZ: 
Tax cuts.

Key says he plans to lower taxes on middle to (especially) lower income earners. Despite all advise from his Finance minister Bill English, who predicts the cuts will plunge New Zealand back into deficit.

And with National’s record of five straight budget deficits, English would be wanting a surplus in 2015 to make sure he is remembered for something other than that woeful run of budgets.

National’s first budget included tax cuts to the top 10%, during a financial crisis, and costing the rest of $1,000,000,000 NZD. To pay for this, not only did National cut billions from welfare which were desperately needed at a time of economic uncertainty, they also raised GST to 15% which hurt lower to middle income earners.

So my question is. Why, WHY, on God’s green earth if you are going to cut taxes will you not bring down GST to it’s pre-2009 level? This is the tax which hurts working families the most, and this is the tax (raised in 2009) which has seen the increase in child and elder poverty rates.

It simply does not make sense. Why doesn’t it make sense? It’s an election bribe.


2 thoughts on “What can you buy in a day’s shop at Countdown with National’s tax cuts?

  1. Govt. deficits are not bad per se.If the govt. spends money that has the effect of carrying out the public purpose i.e.free education; health policies that are more coherent;public transport that is either free or at cost etc.Housing policy that admits past failure and resembles more ponzi scheme that enslaves rather that gives us security.For govt.deficits to work in interests of the majority we need a complete overhaul of our democracy and having the economy working to enhance our democracy.We need to work out want we kept in the public sector and what the private sector can do.We need to overhaul our tax system and tax the things that make us poorer.Like taxing unearned income,all types of speculation;we need a land tax if we are serious about tackling our daunting housing problem.We need to ditch the g.s.t. Give the first $50,000 dollars earned tax free.We need to downsize the F.I.R.E.sector.[finance ,insurance ,real estate the fire sector is the biggest parasite on our economy and the insurance industry is bankrupt as the Christchurch earthquake illustrated.Introducing worker self directed enterprises would give workers control on greater scale that has been offered to them.Theres lots that could be done if we can rid our selves of the notion that deficits are bad.they are what they are.The currency is a public monopoly!The govt.cannot go bankrupt unless it chooses to.The govt.has always paid its bills in a timely manner.No one has never declined a govt. contract.Your taxes do not go anywhere.Taxes give the govt. the room to spend on goods and services in a non inflationary environment.unemployment is the evidence of over taxation since unemployment is a monetary phenomena .So their is plenty of room for tax cuts for most of us.The elephant in the room is private debt.

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