Revealed: Tony Abbott’s Liberals to help National with election campaign.

The Right-wing Liberal Party in Australia is reportedly deeply concerned over their cousin party, National, and their election bid. 

It is being stylised as a competition for  “enthusiastic Young Liberals”. The Young Liberal Movement of Australia posted on their website the following; 

“A limited number of positions are available for enthusiastic Young Liberals to head across the Tasman and gain valuable insight into the New Zealand political system in the final week of the campaign. Please note, due to tight timelines applications close at Midnight on Sunday September 7”. 

Translation; we are sending reinforcements in for the embattled National Party who need more volunteers.   

The article explained, but never justified why it was sending members of Team Abbott to New Zealand; 

“The New Zealand National Party is fighting for a third term in Government and three more years to deliver responsible economic management and better public services that will help Kiwis get ahead.” 

The article went on, parroting catchlines from the National Party;  

“Prime Minister Key has led a strong and stable coalition Government for two terms. It’s a Government that’s working for New Zealand which needs to keep heading in the right direction.” 

It is promised to be a stellar event; 

“Those selected will be based in Auckland and billeted with members of the Young Nats and get exclusive access to the election after-party. Attendees are advised to make provision for flights, spending money on some meals and other personal expenses.” 

So keep an eye out Auckland! 

It was expressed that the Young Liberals flying to New Zealand would be helping out with the campaign; 

“All Young Liberals with an interest in campaigning and New Zealand politics are encouraged to apply. This is a fantastic opportunity to build and develop your campaigning skills and have a lot of fun along the way.”

The main 30 second National Party television advertisements was also featured on the Young Liberals’ website. 

This comes as Abbott’s Liberal government celebrated it’s first year in power. It highlighted the following; 

In that time:
• The Carbon Tax is gone;
• The boats are stopping;
• Our record $50 billion roads and infrastructure programme is underway;
• We’ve given environmental approvals to major new projects worth over $800 billion;
• We’re boosting exports and jobs with Free Trade Agreements with two of our major
trading partners;
• We’re reducing Government debt and getting the Budget back under control;
• And importantly, 109,000 new jobs have been created since the end of last year. 

Failing to mention that Australia now has record unemployment and the government’s debt has only risen in the time Abbott came to office. 

Comment from Insiders: 
“Several media outlets embarrassed the Labour Party by questioning Australian Labor leader Bill Shorten MP during his visit to New Zealand. Their argument was this would be assisting Labour in their campaign.
Today I stumbled across a competition on the ‘Young Liberal Movement of Australia’ Facebook page. If this isn’t Australia influencing the outcome of our election, then what is?”. 

B. Morgan, Insiders. 


3 thoughts on “Revealed: Tony Abbott’s Liberals to help National with election campaign.

  1. They need to stay in oz and make that
    Country a better place for the real Australians, indigenous, aboriginal. Just need to watch the movie Utopia. Shame on you, you hypocrites!

  2. Wreck your own ferk in country pork head . . dont poke your nose into our politics , especially after openly denying Kiwi’s equal citizenship in Auz. . . U dog

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