Serious allegations of corruption and an exposed coup – but what will end John Key?

For a week there it finally appeared New Zealanders were beginning to see their government for what it truly was. I’m not National Party supporter myself, but nothing could have prepared me for the allegations and revelations made in Nick Hager’s book Dirty Politics. 

I think New Zealanders really need to step back and look at the sheer immensity of what we’ve been told, and although I accept the public needs time to let this all sink in, I do believe it is time to start questioning the morality of our cabinet and its associates. 

What we have been presented with is a seemingly corrupt government which even made headlines in France. So heres a country which can by no means claim a clean slate when it comes to corruption – but they still find utter shock in our ministers finding it OK to align and be lobbied by agenda-driven bloggers. Simply they find it abhorrent New Zealanders have accepted the actions of firstly Maurice Williamson and his favourble treatment of a criminal, and secondly a minister’s communications with a blogger who speaks gleefully of a catastrophic natural disaster and a ‘feral’ dying in a road crash. These are, of course, all politically-driven psychopathic arguments as to why the deaths of certain people are good for the New Zealand government. 

I use the example of Cameron Slater (National Party member and right-wing blogger) discussing with friends online as to how the life-destroying damage done to the Labour-voting eastern suburbs of Christchurch was a “blessing”. Furthermore expressing his delight in seeing a “feral” had died on the West Coast. The comments made by Slater left the mother of the killed man in severe depression. Slater has never apologised, claiming that he doesn’t abide by the rules, but rather he makes his “own rules”. And further still, exposing details of a public servant given to him by justice minister Judith Collins. The public servant was harassed, presumably by his piranha-like supporters, who latch on to any old meat Slater offers them. The meat must be doused in fat, salt, and sugar to cause his readers to be filled with the preoccupied hate his they appear to inhabit. Slater worked tiresomely for the National Party, exposing highly sensitive credit card details of the Labour Party in 2011, damaging their election campaign. He was in touch with the Prime Minister’s office the constantly during this period. 

Other woefully mean and damaging tasks Slater perused included finding damaging evidence on National’s opponents. He once offered a large sum of money to whoever could snap a photo of New Zealand First leader Winston Peters ‘drunk’ on Wellington’s waterfront. 

Just days after New Zealand was reminded of this fiasco of National attack dogs hounding New Zealand First, Winston Peters let lose a political bombshell. He says he swears on his life he was approached by a supporter of justice minister Judith Collins. At the time it seemed unlikely Winston Peters would seek a confidence and supply agreement with National after the (2014) election, following Peters’ outrage over the sale of assets (despite overwhelming opposition in a public-initiated referendum), and National’s denial of the existing manufacturing crisis. Winston Peters was appearing in photo opportunities with then Labour leader David Shearer and Greens co-leader Russel Norman. The Collins fan who approached Peters allegedly let him in on instability within the National Party, asking if he would agree to work with National if Key was ditched as leader.

Bad blood has existed between Peters and Key in the past, with Key laughing-off almost every policy proposal by Winston and talking down forming government with New Zealand First or the survival of the party at all. 

Peters has stated the National government has “no credibility”. 

But Dirty Politics is not the only grenade to be thrown into National’s trenches. Commentators have predicted the fall of Key’s government in a number of areas, namely; the absurdly high poverty rate particularly among the old and young populations, secret dealings over the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement which have been accused of undermining democracy with negotiations being held in secret (with no public in-put at all), the partial sale of crucial state assets, the disregard of a publicly-initiated and publicly-funded referendum on asset sales, the CGSB bill which permitted spying to occur on New Zealand citizens (and allegedly allowing American spy network NSA to have access to New Zealand private information too), the housing crisis, the mining and exploration of New Zealand conversation land including the natural habitat of the Maui dolphin, foreign land sales, and the endless deals with foreign companies including Oravida. 

All these issues, when initially discussed, have had profound affects on National’s popularity – but none of them really stick. 

The serious allegations of corruption and the exposed conspiracy to undermine the Prime Minister should have stuck. The corrupt activities and constant, often rude, denial from the Prime Minister have been likened to the Nixon Whatergate scandal. On August the 22nd I wrote; 

“The WhaleGate situation is showing the Watergate scandal in modern terms. Private information has been accessed by people associated with the Prime Minister. Equal to this, in the 1972 Watergate scandal information was stolen in two burglaries from the Democratic Party National Committee headquarters.

Our Prime Minister plays down the stealing of information from the Labour Party as the “reality” of the modern social media age. I refute that. I say it is no less of an offence just because this burglary isn’t physical.

Our Prime Minister states this is all a ‘Left-wing conspiracy’ with strong links to a tall, scary German man who lives in a mansion and flies a chopper.

Nixon said the Democratic Party was planning something big with the communists in Cuba, and that scary man who smokes a cigar.

The faithful in the Prime Minister are labeling anyone who dear defy the PM in his word as “Left-wing” or as I have been called today “communist”.

The non-faithful to the President in 1972 were suspected to be communist spies, as anyone who defied the President in that day was.

Why are we suddenly hearing the same terminology used against opposition to the Prime Minister here, in the 21st century?

Nixon went on to win the election in 1972, but resigned shortly afterwards. He didn’t admit anything in March of 1972 because it was too close to the election. 

John Key is facing an election in 2014. He refuses to see any of the evidence against him as being legitimate, after all – it’s only 4 weeks till the election.”. 

It is now two weeks from the election. Do not forget the nasty nature of the National Party which has been exposed over the past few weeks. The misogynist rants by Slater and Jordan Williams shouldn’t be forgotten among National’s liberal faction either. 

This is a party so dangerously divided, corrupt and ignorant of our democracy that it genuinely scares me of what the Key government can do to our country if given the mandate to govern in 2014 and beyond then.  

But what will bring down this Prime Minister? Judging by the Peters’ comments, it seems the already internal damage of the National Party will eventuate in the Prime Minister’s collapse. Collins didn’t want to resign as a minister. Key didn’t want her to resign as a Minister. Collins said it was “obvious” she had leadership ambitions – that hasn’t gone away. 

Key’s supporters will always be Key supporters. The only way we can see him bet at an election is if voters hungry for change and a return to clean democracy are mobilised. 

Literally drag your friends and family to the ballot booth. 
B.Morgan, [Insiders]. 





2 thoughts on “Serious allegations of corruption and an exposed coup – but what will end John Key?

  1. I truly believe that the majority of us want this corrupt lot out, but with the way it is being presented to us, that nobody cares about dirty politics, that ppl still love the Jong Kee and will vote for him no matter what. It all makes me think we are being set up for a fixed election.

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