David Cunliffe’s message resonates with National supporters: poll.

It’s going from bad to undeniably catastrophic for Prime Minister John Key, with a fresh poll indicating more and more National voters are leaning to Labour leader David Cunliffe.

Last night’s ONE News poll for John Key was labeled “soul destroying” for National – but the Roy Morgan ‘worm poll’ results have blown it out of the park with David Cunliffe resonating positively with voters. 

Roy Morgan’s Worm poll results show John Key only resonated with Labour voters once throughout the entire debate, whereas David Cunliffe was preaching to the National-faithful constantly. 

John Key’s poll lifted when he reinforced his support for gay marriage, although this could have been unwise as Mr. Key has been gunning heavily for the conservative Pacific vote recently based on National’s so-called family values foundations. The Pacifica vote is usually Labour-assured, but some found themselves disillusioned with the party over changes to the definition of marriage. 

David Cunliffe’s support soared among National supporters by constantly giving credit to John Key for giving up his business career in favour of politics. Roy Morgan added; 

Interestingly, Cunliffe’s stand against nationalisation of key assets and his pledge to bring the budget back to surplus seems to be resonating more positively with National voters than it did with Labour supporters.

Cunliffe again gained support when he talked Labour’s housing policies from both National and Labour supporters. 

This caps off the worst week in the Prime Minister’s career following coup rumours, more dirty politics and a ministerial resignation. 


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