Gallery: Insiders at Internet-Mana roadtrip, Wellington.

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Panel review:
Hone Harawira: In short, my opinion of this man has changed drastically. he is cool, calm and collected. And I underline COOL.
Callum Valentine for Wellington Central: This is a guy who represents a whole new generation to politics – and it’s exciting to see.
Kim Dotcom : His knowledge of how we can get an economy that works for people is majorly underrated. A smart man with an extremely poor media perception – I myself am completely guilty of mis-judging him.
Vote Annette Sykes for Waiariki – she is awesome. Wairariki; elect this powerful speaker to be your voice parliament! You only have to listen to her to know she is genuine and passionate about her people.
Georgina Beyer for Te Tai Tonga – Oh my goodness. Someone get this woman a fast-ticket to parliament. Enough said. Funny, fearless, and a fighter.


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