Now there’s proof of biased media: 3 News attempts to have it both ways.

3 News was once regarded as a progressive television network, a youthful and more in-touch voice compared to the old Television New Zealand. Along with the majority of New Zealand’s print and broadcast media, it is uncontrollably lurching to a stamp of Right-wing bias – and I didn’t believe it till tonight.

The proof
On July 5th, 2014, the New Zealand Herald released an article onto it’s website ‘’ entitled; ‘Labour all but rules out Internet-Mana’. The rest of the media latched on, believing Cunliffe had deserted them as an confidence and supply option.

Then tonight, Patrick Gower released TV3’s latest poll result which he claimed was ‘bad news for Labour’ in particular. Gower told a audience of approximately 310,000 viewers ‘Furthermore, Labour’s refusal to rule out working with Internet Mana is proving unpopular’ – all this, despite the media weeks before claiming Labour would, in fact, not do a deal with the Hone-Harre combo. But here was Gower, and his pollsters, asking voters what they thought of Labour’s refusal to rule out an alliance with that party, and that party only.

A staggeringly strange question to bring up. It had no aim, one can infer, other than to make Labour look even more wobbly and confused. Sensationalism describes the polls best tonight.

The original conclusion suggested by NZ Herald divided left co-operators supporting all left-leaning parties. But Gower’s will deter Labour voters from the party itself.

The Herald, TV3, pollsters and indeed the vast majority of the country’s media have left the country extremely confused. There is no real certainty on Labour’s position on Internet Mana – because like every other party they are waiting till after the election results come in to start talking forming alliances.


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