New Zealand’s Greens among the world’s most popular: poll.

The Greens have almost beaten a party record; they’ve hit 15% in the polls, just shy of the 17% record obtained about a year ago in the Roy Morgan. The large increase in support mainly comes at the expense of Labour, but could ultimately benefit David Cunliffe’s goal of claiming the country’s tob job. They now only trail a downwards-trending Labour Party by 8%. Compare that to the 36-point gap between Labour and the Greens when Labour last won an election – 2005. This proves the Greens are no longer a helpful minnow to secure a Labour-led victory, but the critical other half.

The term ‘LabourGreen-led’ would do more justice.

The Greens recently overtook New Zealand First as the preferred coalition partner among Labour voters.

The combined total of the opposition now equals 46%, compared to the government’s 53%.

It’s a sign New Zealand has entered the global Green revolution. In the UK, the Greens are rising fast in the traditionally-Tory south and are even starting to poll ahead of Nick Clegg’s Liberal Democrats. In Australia, The Australian Labor Party could be looking at losing the election to Abbott in 2016, if it weren’t for the Greens’ preference votes.

In Canada, the Greens now hold two seats in the Canadian House of Commons, with the party in some polls polling as high as 8.6% nationwide. But here’s the best news – of all these countries, the New Zealand Greens; the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand is polling the highest.

Yes, Russel and Metiria are the most popular Greenies in the world!

Green Party polling wordwide
UK: 7%
NORWAY: 3.3%


2 thoughts on “New Zealand’s Greens among the world’s most popular: poll.

  1. if you work for a wage , you are foolish to vote for a right wing party and most center parties are just left of the major right wing party !
    Greens are the real left now.

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