The Confusion Chronicles revisited: That’s a good guess but not quite what I was looking for!

Today my student teacher sat at the back of the class reading something that was not related to the class I was teaching and didn’t once get up and talk to the students or offer them any help, even though there were tons of girls with their hands waving in the air waiting for me – where is the initiative I ask you?! I won’t be worrying a dot about what she writes about me now. Went to have a word with her after the lesson but she took off while I was talking to a student. Must have a word with her tomorrow.
Funniest teaching moment happened in my year 9 English class today. We are learning about debating for our year 9 debating competition. We did a brainstorm about what they knew already – it seemed they knew quite a bit so I asked them what the statement that the teams argue is called (the moot) They threw out some good guesses but no one seemed to know. Then one very sweet but not so smart girl, called out very earnestly “I know, I know…it’s master-bating” The rest of the class depleted the classroom of oxygen as they took a collective intake of air before bursting into uncontrollable and raucous laughter, me included. I had tears coming out of my eyes as I tried to get the class back on task. I thanked the girl for not only the highlight of my day but one of the funniest teaching moments I have had in a long time.  

TUESDAY, AUGUST 10, 2010. 


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