So John Key; a man can’t be a feminist?

Comedian Louis C.K. John Key, David Cunliffe. 

The hillbilly minority in this country has entered another week in wasted anger over David Cunliffe’s “sorry for being a man” quote. A new Facebook page has risen from the depths of hate as “Labour’s war on men” – attracting close to 700 lost rednecks to join up in a matter of days. It includes, from the observation of the naked eye, truckers expressing their distaste in Cunliffe’s use of words.

Those who know me will know; this is something I just can’t stand. Men, insisting they are an oppressed minority.

OK, for goodness sakes – you are a WHITE MAN! Let me use Louis C.K’s scenario; if you had a time machine, you, as a white man could go anywhere, at any point in time, and be welcomed with open arms and rights. If you are a woman – that’s not the case. Anywhere before 1970 and you’ll get Women saying – “No thanks, don’t feel like being patted on the backside in the workplace” or “I have better things to do than staying at home all day, doing the ironing”.

Men have it great. I know this. And every man knows this. What no man understands is the despicable discrimination and hatred which still exists against Women in our modern, supposedly liberal society. Women are still underrepresented in boardrooms, council rooms and offices of high power. We still have existing stereotypes that Men do one thing and Women do the other. We still use phrases like ‘are you man enough?’ as if Women are lesser when it comes to bravery.

So, Men aren’t discriminated against in our society. Men are incredibly focused on in popular culture; for example, why are we so interested in the All Blacks and not the Blackferns? Do you even know who the Blackferns are?

Then there’s violence. Violence against women. Whenever someone tries to raise the point of this completely ignored and horrifyingly common violence, you’ll always get someone saying “It’s not OK to hit a man too!”. Oh poop. Are you man enough?

We are discussing Women’s violence. You know, the one we ignore but counts for 85% of all violence at home? Yeah, that’s the violence we are trying to discuss here. This is the violence the media has ignored every time a politician has tried to address this serious problem. Then there’s the audacity from our manliest beast of a man John Key, who laughs off Cunliffe’s comments.

This is not a joke. One woman calling a helpline or the police every nine minutes because she is being beaten by a man she loves is not a joke. It could hardly be interpreted as such, and I’m sorry men, but for once – this isn’t all about you. This is about saving lives, relationships and families. This is about saving young women from being scarred for life – this is about being defenders of the vulnerable  and a voice for the voiceless.

What the media should have focused on is what Cunliffe said after “I’m sorry for being a man”. But we didn’t hear a word. Had we heard a word, and had New Zealanders been willing to listen and willing to care, David Cunliffe would not only be respected, but would be labeled a hero for speaking out.

The fact the media was up to it’s old tricks, trying to spot a gaffe, the fact our Prime Minister and various other politicians used his comments for their gain is disgusting. They used it without even checking nor accepting the crisis which exists within the country they govern. The country they could fix.

Key laughed offed the comments and gained reputation for being the voice of ‘oppressed men’  – all the while, he watched as the Christchurch Rape Crisis Centre closed it’s doors, leaving dozens in a broken city without hope.

$30,000 to leave that open. The next day he spent $80 million on re-designing bank notes.

That is how our government values women. That is how our government values abuse.  That is how our government values rape. A joke, and less important than a banknote. $80m less important than a banknote. Keep going Mr. Key, you’re doing Abbott proud…

So if men can’t be feminists, I guess there never should have been whites speaking out against apartheid. I guess there shouldn’t be Jewish people right now fighting the actions of a Zionist government in Palestine. And I guess no straight person should celebrate a gay couple being happy.

And if men never act on issues which help Women; then there would never be the right for Women to vote.

So in that respect, laughing off Cunliffe’s comments as ‘feminist bullshit’ is un-Kiwi. It goes against who we are and why we are all here; to fight for the equality of all our people.

B. Morgan 2014. 



12 thoughts on “So John Key; a man can’t be a feminist?

  1. The first step is in admitting that men and women can both be just as violent, and that anything else continues the long told lies that have been drilled into every home for the past 20 years. when are you going to wake up and see the #### that has been shoved ? I dare you to stand out for yourself. A long-standing NZ population study confirms that most of the domestic violence committed (excluding fatal occurrence) is evenly split between men and women:

    A 2012 Family Violence Death Review report also revealed the rather “inconvenient truth” that the majority of children are killed by their mothers in domestic violence events:

    and why are men overlooked completely ?
    Do we not exist or count ?
    Except when it comes to paying ?

    First ever men’s conference , Erin pizzey founder of womens refuge speaks about where it all came from and the web of lies

    • I refer you to Frank’s comment over at Frankly Speaking:

      That’s garbage. Your comment;
      “A 2012 Family Violence Death Review report also revealed the rather “inconvenient truth” that the majority of children are killed by their mothers in domestic violence events:”
      – is not borne out by the ODT article you referred to.
      The article states in the second paragraph;
      “The Family Violence Death Review, released today by police, found mothers were responsible for 45 per cent of children killed by domestic violence. “

      “ 45 per cent of children killed by domestic violence” does not equate to “the majority of children are killed by their mothers in domestic violence events“.
      I also point out that the ODT article quotes the neo-conservative “Family First” organisation which is anti-gay; anti-marriage equality; anti-feminist; and other conservative beliefs.
      As such, the “facts” quoted in that ODT article are dubious and questionable.
      And by the way, it might help if you researched the issue yourself, instead of copy & pasting from a Conservative Party website:
      The website – – is a pro-men, anti-women website, along the vein of, which is filled with misogynistic, angry men with heightened feelings of entitlement.
      The rest of the material is likewise of an anti-women bent and claiming that women are more violent, aggressive, abusive, is a fantasy that flies in the face of facts.
      Considering that the problem here is rape, you might consider who are the victims of that crime, and who are the perpetrators.

  2. I watched the whole thing, and its one thing to support women, and the need for society to change to become more supportive of women and more fair.
    Its one thing to acknowledge that you are more fortunate than others, infact i think thats hugely important in addressing gender imbalances

    Its another to apologize for being born a man.

    Ms Morgan, do you apologize to black people for being white?
    Did you choose, in utero to be white instead of black? or choose not to have ginger hair?
    Or perhaps you chose to have your charming good looks rather than be what society deems as ugly?

    Perhaps all the people who are good looking should apologize to the ugly people too?

    I am a man, and i am HUGELY sorry that its taken this long for womens rights to be recognised, and i am hugely sorry for all the women that get abused and degraded at the hands of other men. and i am sorry that more isnt being done about it.

    But A. I wasnt there when society started to turn patriarchal, and i dont live in every home to stop the violence, and ‘men’ as a gender should not be held accountable for the worst of our own gender.

    A similar thing happens with religion actually in the states. Muslim’s are being told to ‘control their own’, and being a muslim actually makes people more likely to be searched at the airport, especially if they wear a Kufiya,
    Now should muslims as a whole be held accountable and have to apologize for every terrorist attack?

    Of course not, its a logical fallicy to assume that just because you are part of a group that you are therefore responsible for every action of everyone in the group.

    So, for muslims, it makes FAR more sense for them to JOIN their voices in outrage at terror (muslims are actually very very peaceful, as is the koran), to do everything they can to help.

    This is what men need to do. To join forces with women. Yes we can apologize for choices we have made, and id even go so far as to say you can apologize for historical choices, despite not having been there to make those choices yourself.

    But apologizing for being born a man says “men are the problem”. Its telling me that, for no reason other than being a man, i have to apologize. For no reason other than being a man, i am wrong.

    What the definition of sexism?
    – prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination based on gender.
    Prejudice is defined as
    – preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.

    So infact, this IS a sexist statement. It is, by its very construction sexist and offensive to men.

    If a women was to apologize to a group of men just for being a women, it’d be battle stations at feminist HQ.

    Just because one group isnt being treated fairly does not make it okay to bash, insult, inflame, offend or belittle the other group.
    because, as history teaches us, violence begets violence. It perpetuates the cycle.

    To, what im saying is, YES 100% we as society need to make some changes to make things more fair for women. YES men have treated women disgustingly, and SOME still do and that needs changing.

    But i am NOT EVER going to be sorry for being a man, because i try EVERY DAY to be a good man, and make myself a better man, and make people around me better.

    One thing i cant stand is hypocrisy, and that entire thing, reeks of it…… oh and begging for votes.

    Sorry for the wall of text.

    • Thank you for your comment Ryan and I found myself nodding to it. Never in the article did I mention I agreed with Cunliffe saying he was sorry for being a man either, might add. It’s what he said afterwards which is really important.

      I would add also that I am not a woman – I think I do mention that in an article. I am a male feminist – doesn’t make me a woman.

    • wasn’t Cunliff saying that he was sorry for being a man, ie speaking about himself not speaking for all men everywhere?

  3. David Scumliffe should have apologized for being a spineless rodent who clearly has no chance of gaining support, yet took the leadership role of the labour party due to pathetic ego-based infighting. If he really cared about what his party supposedly stands for, he would have stepped aside and let somebody with a personality run.

    The main issue with New Zealand is that the majority of the population are very poor and are being starved out of their own country. And closing down rape crisis centers is a symptom of how our politicians have nothing but contempt for the average New Zealander, rather than specifically hating women. That’s why they raise GST, defund social welfare, allow foreign companies to plunder our land, etc.

    Honestly, this article reads like some Americanized clickbait blogger trash. Race-baiting identity politics simply doesn’t fly in a country like NZ, because the majority of people here, whatever colour or gender, are suffering at the hands of the few who plunder and sell off everything that made us special.

    Good job muddying the waters of the massive class divide in this country, and ensuring a lot more people will vote for National out of spite from being called “hillbillies” (a nasty elitist term).

    For a second there I thought this article must have been commissioned by National, but most likely it was simply written by some sheltered rich kid at university who has no idea what life is like here and reads to many clickbait articles by American blogger trolls.

    You are part of the problem, and your attention-grabbing, decisive and simplistic article does nothing but harm the country long-term.

  4. that article makes some valid points, but basically its too emotive and filled with a blatant degree of anger. the issue of feminism is a valid issue in society, but violence is a much much bigger problem than inequality for women. i dont think women are disadvantaged in society to the degree that this article claims, but then again im a man, so what would i know? of all societies’ problems, inequality for women (and there is a degree of inequality) is miles down the list, violence is near the top

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