National’s Top 9: Education Fails.


Short list: What National has done to New Zealand education. 
1. In 2008 New Zealand was internationally ranked in the top 7 for educational achievement, After five years under National, New Zealand’s international ranking plummets to as low as 23rd.
2. $25 million slashed from the Education Ministry (according to assessments it is the worst performing ministry).
3. $35 million gifted to private schools (4% of students).
4. Class sizes over 1:27, 6 more than the OECD average
5. Introduction of new curriculum abandoned and National Standards implemented without trial, against advice and with limited consultation (legislated into law).
6. Schools who questioned Standards were threatened with having boards and principals sacked and had PD withheld.
7. Curriculum narrowed to literacy and numeracy, and all other advisors sacked(Science, Technology, Arts…).
8. The expectation that schools provide healthy food wiped to allow commercial interests into schools again. to sell processed food. Fruit in schools scheme slashed.
9. Novopay, new computer system for schools implemented without a proper trial despite having 147 software faults, resulting in
8,000 teachers receiving the wrong pay or no pay at all.

(Source: Local Bodies @Blogspot). 


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